Vote Fraud!

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The media keep on with their mantra!

No voter fraud!

Nothing to see here!


But what would happen if you changed the talking points.

Most people agree that a Voter is not behind the massive fraud that has been demonstrated in videos, photographs and audio recordings!

No, not the Voter…

So, its not really Voter Fraud!

What we have is Criminal Behavior by officials and operatives that allegedly were paid to do this thing!

So, forget about all the of media narrative lies the most recent of which is “there was some fraud” But its not enough to change the result!


IF they will not look at the evidence or look at the Ballots then How can they say that they know that there is not enough Fraud and Criminal actions to change the result? Wait, is that a real result?

Well yet another misleading use of the English language.

You see they want to play games with language while ignoring the real truth about this election.

The reason why we know for sure that this fraud and criminal actions took place is simple.

There were So Many Votes for Trump that they had to do something that they had never done before!

They had to stop counting Votes!

They had to do this because the totals were not going the way of the democrats.

They were going for Trump!

But even more convincing is that IF they had continued to count the votes they would have had an OVER VOTE!

They did not have enough votes to win the Election!

The votes were going to President Trump and they knew that they could not change it unless they stopped counting!

They had to stop because they could not do what they needed to do in order to change the votes over to Biden!

They had to stop because they could not do this in full view of the public or the Press or the Poll Watchers.

They knew it and so they did it!

They did what every American knows that they did, The Dirty Deeds that they does!

Now we have a media that are ignoring the news and telling lies about the truth!

They are depending on this to turn the tide of fraud and criminal actions into a change from what the People voted for and what they wanted!

While it sure looks like everyone is abandoning President Trump let me say that it is important to understand that what has been done was not just a few things in the dark of night!

They took something from hundreds of thousands of voters!

They took the one thing that Millions of People count on in a Republic.

They took away the hopes and dreams of a nation by way of criminal behavior.

They took away everything from so many people and this is not a little thing that will just go away.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have sacrificed their entire lives to strive for freedom and to work for hope for a better future.

Those hands that are rough from hard labors and the white hairs on the heads of millions of men and women who did great works for our children who might have this freedom that they sacrificed so much to obtain.

So, No, this is not just a simple thing that you can dismiss!

You cannot just say its been debunked!

You cannot just say that its not what it looks like!

This is about those who have sacrificed everything to have the freedom to vote and that is what has been taken.

That is why we must have integrity and not a make believe hand recount of the re re count like they did in Florida in 2000 or like they have done in Georgia in 2020!

Georgia may like to think that people are too stupid to understand what has been done to them but they are not stupid at all!

The People of Georgia know what has happened!

State officials can try to ignore the truth but it will not change the hearts of the people!

WE must not sit down and just accept these lies and these deceptions.

WE have to insist on a Valid Investigation into what cannot be explained by partisan rhetoric!