used car dealers?

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Used car dealers have for many years been associated with criminal behavior.

With the Offensive prices being asked for used vehicles recently most used car dealers should be locked up in jail…

I have a friend that is looking for a used car so I have been doing research to see what is available and the news is not good.

Most of the time used car dealers operate on an average profit ratio however over the last two years that has changed to something that in years past would be considered illegal.

Just yesterday I saw a used PT Cruiser, which is likely the worst used vehicle you could buy the resale value on this vehicle is very low.

Even more interesting is the below wholesale price that this vehicle often sells for such a low value due to the numerous problems this car has.

Engine issues are perhaps the worst issue for this vehicle.

Just do a google search for engine problems and you will see thousands of web pages detailing all of the problems associated with this car.

You might imagine that given all of these problems that a used car dealer would find it hard to sell a car like this.

A local car dealer who obviously is desperate to make money is trying to sell this car for $8,995.00

That is just crazy and yes offensive!

These cars break down more than any other vehicle yet this used car dealer is trying to get almost 10,000.00 with taxes!

That is disgusting!

This may be why so many repair shops are doing so well!

Many consumers are finding that it is cheaper to repair a vehicle than to try to buy an overpriced used car!

That may be another reason that many used car dealerships are actually going out of business because they just do not know how to price their products.

For years we saw the Sam Walton method of doing business which was (very simply) make a little off of every customer instead of trying to make everything off just one customer.

Sam Walton had a great idea and that idea gave birth to one of the most successful business models for retail trade business.

Sam had it right!

He figured rightly that he could make more money from a lower profit point and having many more customers than trying to make all of his profit from just a few sales!

So, when you look at that idea you have to wonder why so many used car dealers are trying to make 50 percent profit from selling one car.

It is likely that most of these used car dealers just can’t figure it out or are just plain greedy!

So, fix up your old car and keep on driving it because trying to buy a used car is just not worth the effort and consider the value of putting yet another greedy used car dealer out of business!