Unfair and unbalanced Fox News Bias

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The Media are being exposed for what they are doing and what is really interesting is how they deal with that exposure.

Over the last two months we have seen a steady negative bias coming from the network that “Claims” to be “Fair And Balanced” Houston we have a problem and its not a good problem to have if your a network that has been on top of the ratings for many years but now seems to want to move further to the left.

When Trump told the truth about this bias the media laughed it off…

The truth is evident Fox News is no longer Fair or Balanced.

One Pundit Charles Krauthammer who has allowed his personal feelings to interfere with fair reporting, (allegedly)  along with others that used to be fair minded are now picking up the false media narrative that is contrived and desperate.

It is really easier to see what is happening and it is also sad to watch these biased reporters and pundits engage in negative coverage of the Trump Campaign.

What is really interesting is how the Media spin certain key topics that they believe are negative and damning.

This exposes their bias and shows just how ignorant they believe the American Voting Public are.

Just have a look at the bias from the media spin room after the final debate.

So when you see this video you can see the bias right out front from all of the commentators, there were moments where the bobble heads had opportunity to tell the truth but instead they focus on a “Trumped Up” criticism that just was not accurate or even fair to bring up.

They attempted to frame the Trump Campaign and Mr. Trump in a negative biased and contrived question that was of no validity.

They they spun that into a “Big News” Story, but is it really big new or is this just yet another example of how biased these people really are?

I think looking at what these people are saying and weighing it in the knowledge of what is the truth you cannot but see how small minded these people are and that is saying a lot because they are at the very least supposed to be the best fox news has to offer.

That is a big deal folks.

more to come…