Turkey Military coup breaking

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Breaking news and this is a significant and very serious development.

Reports are that a Military coup has taken place.

Both sides report different facts on the ground.

One side says it is an attempted coup, the other side has stated that they are in control of large sections of military areas as well as airports and other strategic areas.

More news here.

This is something that is developing right now and it is something that is deeply concerning to America

Needless to say if this becomes a civil war or something worse than that everything could change very quickly notably americans that are currently in Turkey.

Will the embassy be protected?

Will yet another US embassy be subject to destruction?

Will Washington take action to protect american life or will they as they have in the past just leave our people over there to die?

This is very concerning, more so when you consider the situation in proximity to the ongoing conflicts and all the different nations that are near by.