Traitors who are republicans?

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We have a number of people in the Republican party that seem to have lost their minds when it comes to this election and they also appear to be removing any doubt of who and what they actually represent.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson alleged on Sunday’s “Fox & Friends” that Ryan’s vocal disapproval of the GOP candidate essentially means that the speaker has been “working” for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

IF your not for us then who are you for?

When you look at the truth of that statement you have to begin to think about what it means to the embattled members of congress who have been up there contributing to the problems instead of creating solutions.

The truth here is clear, we have people who are ignoring the will of the American People, they want to change nothing they like it the way it is, because it works for them.

The problem here is clear, what has been working for those people in office in Washington is NOT working for the American People.

We the people see what has been happening and sent a message to Washington in 2012 but they ignored it.

That is fine really they can do that if they want to but eventually those that refuse to submit to the will of the people as they swore an oath to do, then they will be removed from office.

They feed into the lies of the media, can they not think for themselves or do they need the help of the biased media to turn on their own party.

They say they are for us but their actions speak louder then their words.

WE have an issue with politicians in this nation and that is why Trump is being sent to Washington.

He is a tough negotiator and they know they cannot control what he does and that frightens these crony republicans, they see their way of life that they have created for themselves slipping away and that scares them so when you see someone talking bad about Trump just know that what they are doing is saying that they would rather see America fall than to change what has clearly not worked for the last 30 years.

That my friends is not a friend of the American People.

These people are not for you they are for only one thing, what they can get out of the way things are now and they do not want to see change because that would mean that they would have to change the way they think.

When these people speak out against Trump they are buying into the lies of the Media.

No one cares what was said Ten years ago…

What we care about is what our next president is going to do to change the way that things have been so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.