The News Cycle Market

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We have seen a lot of news over the last two weeks and it should not be surprising that this news and how it is presented can influence the market conditions.

How news coverage influences the crypto and stock markets. 

Ukraine War Escalation
Sept 2022

Followed by Bank failures. 

Silicon Valley Bank March 2023. 

Signature Bank March 2023.

So the recipe for gains in the Crypto market is positive social environment relative war free news cycles, Good economy.  

So here we are now in 2024, we have none of those things and so we see a big drop. It is what it is. . . 

 2024, bank failures (so far) 

Republic First Bank PA

What is interesting here is the fact that the first bank failure of 2024 was not widely promoted announced on Friday, April 26th 2024. 

This news was not shown on most large media outlets, (it did appear on the internet, websites including Fox Business) however what is interesting here is that we should have seen this news covered on Mon 29th of April three days after the announcement. 

Fox Business made no mention of this news on Monday it did not even show up on the rolling text news ticker. 

Yesterday Fox business Finally covered on Air, this news, late in the day and at the height of the stock market sell off, -670 points down…

They waited until things were at the worst…  Then they reported the news as if they had been covering it all along, kind of like a Oh, by the way republic first bank failed over the weekend. 

We know that the news does this kind of thing from time to time they feature some news above other and bury news they do not want you to see. 

So, why did they wait?

Were they waiting to see if there was going to be yet another bank fail so they could sensationalise the news?

The thing is this Crypto market is very susceptible to the news cycle and it is also is influenced by the stock market cycle as well but perhaps not as much as in the past. 

The last big drop / crash  happened due to a combination of social events, Ukraine war, bank failures. 

This is what caused a great deal of issues with value and price of BTC and ALT markets. 

As well the FED with its ham fisted approach to doing things that are actually the opposite of what needs to be done and they do it over and over again. 

So we are looking at market disruptions bad financial and economic news. 

The potential for a regional or world wide conflict. 

Social unrest. 

All of these things contribute to a poor market outcome.