The Dead Rise!

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And the Dead shall rise and vote for the democrat candidate?

Well, you know its true…

WE joke about it because its something that we have never been able to stop! At least until now! We have known for years that the democrats had no problem with resurrecting dead people to vote.

Considering that usually the level of those that are dead voting in elections well it is usually not all that big of a deal at least to the democrats but in reality it is stealing a vote from someone that deserved to have their vote count.

However this time it was different they dug up entire cemeteries of dead people to vote! I guess with all the walking dead series it would just look normal?

More than that though there was the computer angle.

An update to the computer systems that switched votes from Trump to Biden? Then there were some other computer issues which will be exposed as the fraud that it was…

In the past these events have happened.
Mostly it does not rise to the level of an event that would change the result of the election at least most of the time that is.

This time they went too far!

They knew that they were in trouble with the candidate and with the policies that the American People REJECT!

The American People Rejected the garbage bin ideology of the left.

So, they saw what was happening and they knew that they could not win so they decided to do what they have always done…

Commit Crimes in order to by force subvert the constitution.

They decided to go big this time because they had no choice.

In order to get their candidate to win they had to come up with not just a few thousand votes but hundreds of thousands of votes.

President Trump received more votes in different demographics than any president since 1961!

Millions of new voters! Thousands of democrats crossing party lines voted for President Trump! It was just too big to cover up!

That is how they got away with it… A little here and a little there is much harder to detect… But hundreds of thousands here and hundreds of thousands there and perhaps everywhere…

Well that is Detectable…

So the Media helps them out?

The Media decided to skew the coverage to make it look like Trump was loosing when really he was and is winning the election.

But the really Big Question here is how did the Media know which states would get big late night 100 percent paper ballot bumps that would make this big a difference…

How did the Media know that they could not call a state because illegal votes would be coming in at 3AM in the morning!

That is a question that I want to know the answer to.

This includes Fox News!

How did they know that all of these fake votes were going to be counted in the first place?

Serious questions people and I am here to tell you that this is one election where the cheaters will not get away with what they tried to do!

One thing is for certain… We will not be swayed by the lies of the Media… Not anymore… You used to be trusted now All the Media can do is to lie about the truth…

Finally we must have an investigation that reveals the truth about what we have known all along is true and incidentally the media have said over and over again there is no such thing…

But WE saw bus loads of people that were bused into Birmingham Alabama from border states… WE saw it and the corrupt politicians said its nothing… Nothing to see here…

Well now there is something to see and I hope that we can find a way to get a fair and honest election and send people who cheat and lie to jail!

That is where they belong..

Politicians… Mayors, assemblymen, Crooks All!

Somebody put on some popcorn this is going to get good!