The Cause of Mass Shootings?

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Is it true that people who take medications are going to start shooting up the world?

They say that every single mass shooting has been because the person was taking medications.


It’s Time To Stop Blaming Mental Illness For Mass Shootings

By Mitzi J Hernandez

This morning I got up bright early and got my daughter ready for school. After I dropped her off I gave her a kiss and told her I will see you later. She replies, “I love you mom hope to see you too.” After I replied, “Of course you will,” she says,

“Mom I am scared to go to school, I don’t want to die.”

Those words my daughter said to me this morning broke me. As a parent to hear your own child is afraid for her life is the worst feeling, to know our children are not safe at a place of education, it’s frustrating. Children should not be afraid to go to school.

They say that we should ban all guns and so this would stop the shootings. 

They say that if we ban all medications that the killing will stop…

Will it stop?

No, because it is not the guns that kill and it is not the medication that kills.


I know one thing for certain.

When a Mass Murderer one day faces God there will be no excuses.

There will be no “I was mentally ill and on prescription medications.”

Guns do not kill people

Medications do not cause good people to kill people.

That is a fact and it is not disputable.

Caveat.  Do some people who have a mental problem and also take medications murder people?

Yes, they do.

However you cannot blame the medications just as you cannot blame the guns.

Since the first murder took place with a rock and numerous others have been as well one cannot make the argument that taking away all guns and rocks will stop all murders.

The truth is that for some people poor decisions are the result of just that and nothing more we might analyze

and say that for some people medications might not be a good choice but that does not excuse bad behavior.

Because for every one mass murderer  there are millions and millions of other people on the same drugs that do not go out and kill people.

Millions and millions and millions.

It would be foolish to try to say that it is the result of medication when so many other people do not choose to kill and murder indiscriminately.

Strange but true…

But hey lets go ahead and ban stuff.

All alcohol.

Lets Ban all Guns

Lets Ban all Medications.

Then wait for three months and see what happens next.