Tea Party Versus DeBlasio

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The Embattled Mayor of NYC is facing an uphill battle which may result in his resignation, since it does appear at least allegedly that he is not capable of leading the city in this dangerous time, many are beginning to question if he is able to protect the citizens of NY from this period of violence.

While what the news story below has to do with his ability to lead may be significant, the past really does not matter at all.   It is the future that  matters, can this man lead or not?


  • Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr., on May 8, 1961. He first changed his name to the hyphenated Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, adding his mother’s maiden name. In 2002, he dropped the “Warren” and the “Wilhelm,” and changed his name for a second time to what it is currently, Bill de Blasio.
  • Bill de Blasio was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2000.
  • Bill de Blasio was a fervent supporter of the Marxist Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the 1980?s, a government that was backed by the Communist Soviet Union and Cuba.
  • At the height of Cold War tension, while still a student at New York University, de Blasio toured the Communist Soviet Union in 1983.
  • His first job was in 1984 with the NYC Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • Bill de Blasio received a master’s degree in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, the same school attended by Barack Obama.
  • Bill de Blasio ran Democrat New York Congressman Charlie Rangel’s re-election campaign in 1994.
  • In 1994, Bill de Blasio married a lesbian activist, Chirlane McCray. The newlyweds honeymooned in Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba.
  • In 2009, de Blasio’s election campaign to be NYC’s third “Public Advocate” was supported by the pro-Communism, Working Families Party.
  • Both of de Blasio’s parents were communists, leading historian Ron Radosh to describe him as a “bona fide red diaper baby.”