New debt deal lie?

Have we been lied to yet again?

The politicians may have done what they do best, play a game of kick the can, paint a fence white with cheap paint and call it a $40 dollar hammer.

But what really seems to be salt in the wound is the media.


You know after a while you begin to tire of the constant media intervention in the news, and the word bias begins to come out of the air in volume.

The news media including the Wall street journal, (allegedly) have begun to report that stocks are rallying upon news of a debt deal that may actually be a lie.

On top of that I find no where in the constitution where it says that a gang of 6 or a gang of 12 or a gang of a handful of leaders, (if you can call them that at all)

Can provide and choose legislation for all of America?

That is not constitutional, Everyone that swore an oath to uphold and protect the constitution of the United States of American from all enemies foreign and domestic, must do their sworn duty or resign, because what this deal does is abdicate the sworn oath of these political leaders, that is not right and it cannot stand it is not legal.

When a man is required to dispel his oath which he swear, upon the foundation of this nation, then where does that leave you?

If a man must abdicate his oath of office, in order to get some kind of half (@#$) deal done, then you know what, it is not right, and that man should resign from office.

This is a game of kick the can, and the American people know it, we cannot afford to get this wrong, it has been a problem for many years, we have seen this issue since 1913, where the mistake began, and yet nothing has been done to avert this disaster, it seems easy enough to figure out, we need more revenue, and we need reasonable spending.

How is that so hard to figure out, what we do not need, is arts and humanity to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars, public radio subsidies, Gas and oil subsidies.

We do not need to be funding NPR, and other organizations, that are politically biased, (allegedly)

We do not need to be spending millions of dollars in an attempt to preserve mice in swamps in the District of Nancy Pelosi, (allegedly)

We do not need all this pork, and if the various entities that have borrowed, money from the Social Security fund, (for the last 30 years) would pay it back, we would not have any problem with that either.  Still we have bias in the media, we have bias in the White house, we have bias in the Senate, and we have bias in the house.

When will they learn and understand?

The American people are not stupid as you suppose.

The American people are smarter than many of your think that you are.

One thing for sure, this really puts the next election in the right light, it is time to clean up Washington, it really is time to drain the SWAMP…




The sky is falling, really?

Hey look out the sky is falling the sky is falling, oh my Lions Tigers and Bears, look out the sky is falling, oh really

This is not funny but you just have to laugh…

received in an Email…

‘The Unthinkable Is Finally
Becoming a Reality’

– The Wall Street Journal

Dear Concerned American,

According to The Wall Street Journal, we may very well be on the edge of a complete collapse of the U.S. debt market.

Of course, this has been an issue we’ve been warning Americans about for quite some time now.

In fact, that same Wall Street Journal article published just days ago had this shocking headline: “Companies Bracing for U.S. Default.”

Here’s what the opening paragraph stated:

“The unthinkable is finally becoming reality for U.S. companies, who are beginning to take real steps to prepare for the possibility of a U.S. debt default.”

Words like “unthinkable” and “default” are code words for economic calamity and massive layoffs.

And, that unfortunately fits into another startling future scenario that famed economist Robert Wiedemer has been warning about . . . a 50% unemployment rate starting as soon as 2012.

But that’s not all.

He also foresees a situation where the stock market could plummet 90%.

And that we could see three years in a row of 100% ANNUAL inflation.

Robert Wiedemer’s predictions may seem extreme at first glance, but then I saw the charts that provided evidence for such claims. See for Yourself, Click Here

Disbelief is the same reaction people had in 2006 when Wiedemer predicted the housing, stock, credit, and private debt markets would soon collapse . . .

After the recession struck . . . people stopped doubting his analysis.

This just in is the Sky Falling?

Then, when he foresaw the federal debt and dying-dollar crises in 2009 . . .

countless Americans took the necessary steps to prepare their wealth to weather the storm.

Recently, Newsmax gathered over one million Americans to join Robert Wiedemer online for a historic event called the Aftershock Survival Summit.

It was a powerful moment when citizens were given the real story on how dangerous the future could be.

But more importantly, Robert Wiedemer gave those who were fortunate enough to view this broadcast a step-by-step guide for protecting their investments, savings, insurance, homes, and jobs.

Russ from Wichita, Kan., said it “scared the hell out of me. It was a great wake-up call.”
Susan from Montgomery, Ala., said it was “awesome, eye-opening, and mind-boggling.”
Don E. from Edgewater, Fla., said, “It caused me not only to think . . . but to act.”
If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to view the Aftershock Survival Summit, you can click here to launch a 100% FREE private airing right now.

Stay Safe,

Aaron DeHoog
Financial Publisher
Newsmax Media


High prices

Just received this in an email, interesting fodder for the mill however, it is really interesting that there is so a difference in diesel prices, (which have a direct impact on food prices)

$1,000 per year.

That’s how much EXTRA you are coughing up as gas prices exceed $4 a gallon.

Do you believe President Obama is to blame for these prices?

Can he do more to lower them?, one of America’s leading online news services, is conducting an urgent national poll about rising gasoline prices and President Obama’s policies.

It’s crucial to make your voice heard, and Newsmax will ensure poll results are promptly sent to all major media outlets.

Newsmax reports gain national attention with results cited by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, Meet the Press, and other major networks.

While news max may be a good publisher the real problem in our dependence on oil as a fuel, allegedly is the auto makers, for years big oil and the auto industry, (now the unions too don’t forget that) are in charge of just about every large corporation and many levels of government from trash pickup to many other things.

This creates many issues for the modern politician.

So what do you do, this is one of the problem we have an we had better find a solution, because right now, we still have people out there driving V8 Gas Guzzlers, and they do not care, that they are both polluting and reducing the available supply of fuels.

It is a problem, but the very real facts remain, how can we depend less on fuels when we have a bureaucratic red tape machine that is fighting against itself every step of the way from permits, to inspections, and everything in between.

The truth is that what they are doing is not working.

The truth is that Diesel should be 20 percent less than gas not 30 percent more.

When you imbalance the system, in favor of the gas distribution system, you end up with trouble.