Tag: Viewpoint

  • Facebook Filth

    IF you have spent any time on face book you cannot miss the Tons of advertising that is incorporated in many different parts of the website and for good reason, Facebook earns Billions of dollars in revenue from that advertising… But along with the mostly good content at Facebook there are a few Rotten Apples… […]

  • No more Free Speech

    [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”50″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Chick Fil A..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]   Who would have ever thought that the champions for freedom of Speech would one day deny that same right to everyone… If your like a lot of people your sitting there right now with your mouth hanging open… Your sitting there and your thinking what are they talking […]

  • slipped through the cracks

    Is it possible that the Gunman in the Colorado Massacre was not properly treated for a serious mental illness? In a news story out of Fox News Company the medical record of this doctor could be suspect in some serious ways. WAS Psychiatrist Lynne Fenton treating Colorado movie massacre suspect James Holmes.Did she make a […]

  • megyn kelly Biased?

    Is megyn kelly a biased bobble headed blond? Now normally we like Megyn but today she came out with a hacket job on the girl that trusted her to do an interview, that should have been free of bias. However, it appears to be somewhat of a problem, because there was an omission of facts […]

  • Polls are they accurate?

    Polls can you ever really be sure that they are even scientific at all? Subjective data can never be trusted as valid? When you think about it, what they are doing is rife for subjective analysis, it reeks in many ways of impure science that is often portrayed by the media as some kind of […]

  • biased CNN debate tonight

    Well time for CNN to have yet allegedly another biased news media eventwhere  they may be likely to ask questions that are unfair and biased in nature. You just have to wonder in part why put up with a news company thatis not really a news company at all? You have to wonder when you […]

  • Biased Elections

    Over the last several years we have seen a trend in the media that creates a problem in the electoral process. Consider this, the media can influence the outcome of an election because of how they choose to cover that election and the candidates that are running in that election.  If only one viewpoint is […]

  • Fox news may not be so fair and ballanced?

    Is Fox news really Fair? Are they really Balanced, because often it looks more like entertainment than it does news. Could the liberals be right about Fox not being a “real” news company? or are they loosing touch with their viewers? You see a lot of this negative talk, allegedly… It really seems like fox […]

  • NPR Are they biased?

    Is NPR biased, because if they actually are biased in favor of liberal politics, should they be receiving public tax payer funds? This is a hard question, because after watching a few news items about the network that is funded by tax payer dollars, it appears that they have a lot of liberal politics and […]