Tag: surprise

  • Media Predicting win for Obama?

    So it should come as no surprise that the media are going all out for Obama…

  • The tea party is back…

    Well the media pronounced the tea party as Astro Turf, looks like they were once again wrong… That comes as no surprise to millions of Americans who have since 1960 become more intelligent than the media… This is not something that should shock you as you sit in front of your computer, you have an […]

  • Censorship by Democrats?

    NY State Senators Say We’ve Got Too Much Free Speech; Introduce Bill To Fix That Ok is this even true? Because if it is, this is just becoming too scary for those of us that value America as it was and as it should be and as it still exists in our hearts and minds, […]

  • Bloomberg

    In a situation like this you have to ask what is this man doing in office at all? This news story, which may come as a surprise to some, since allegedly the media only covers some news and not all news, (what a shame we have no courage anymore) we have no reporters that are […]

  • Fox news Bias

    Should we believe without question what the media publishes. So what next? As the 2012 Presidential Race starts to heat up we are seeing a lot of bias by the media… In the media coverage last night it appeared to some at least that allegedly Chris Wallace, might have had some kind of hidden agenda […]

  • Reid Bill Defeated and Destroyed

    So all that stuff that Harry Reid was saying Sunday, what did it really mean? Well it should come as no surprise that Harry Reid has Failed the American people or is that accurate at all? The thing is how can we find a method of getting a vote? Harry Reid, has had his vote, […]

  • Media Bias

    The Media does not like the tea party, no surprise there as it has long been established that the media is not really that impartial in its reporting of the news, however it begs the question that should be something everyone is talking about, which is how can the media only present one side of […]

  • Washington wont honor budget deal?

    Reports are coming in this morning that the Obama White house will not be honoring the Budget deal with congress. Which some say is no surprise, however, it is concerning that when men come together and shake hands and write on paper what they will do then later they decide that they will not abide […]

  • supreme court ruling

    Risky Behavior? Did the supreme court just condemn the west boro alleged, hate group, (not really a church at all) to risk their lives? In a surprise ruling 8-1 in favor of allowing alleged hate speech to continue at Military and other controversial funerals across the U.S. It is an Amazing thing to see such […]

  • ABC allegedly disparages, Bipolar patients in news story

    In a news story that was obviously and allegedly aimed at disparaging bi polar patients, would seem to have reported information that was not accurate. They lead the story by stating what could allegedly be considered a lie, they said that most bi-polar patients are eventually violent, this is a lie and it is just […]