ABC allegedly disparages, Bipolar patients in news story

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In a news story that was obviously and allegedly aimed at disparaging bi polar patients, would seem to have reported information that was not accurate.

They lead the story by stating what could allegedly be considered a lie, they said that most bi-polar patients are eventually violent, this is a lie and it is just not true.

What a shame when allegedly you have a news company that are liars, allegedly.

Later in the report they made an effort to reduce the effect of the lies, allegedly.

The truth is that drama, which is what this story was all about is not news, it is drama, and it has no place on TV.

The story they were talking about was interesting but it was presented at the expense of a group of individuals and it unfairly presented information that allegedly was not professionally applied, this is not a surprise, ABC and CBS as well as NBC allegedly constantly apply what could be considered an unprofessional standard to stories presented on the air.

Even if they later attempt to dispelled the damage, the lasting impression is what was presented earlier in the news story, in other wards the lead is everything.

They know it, and we know it, they think that most people are stupid, perhaps they are right, but we hope that people can think for themselves.

This is the liberal mentality.

They believe that people are so stupid that most people cannot distinguish between a lie and the truth and so they tell lies (allegedly) all day long, but wait, why do that, well the truth is that they do not want people being able to think for themselves.

Sadly, the truth is that people are no longer stupid, if they ever were, that time has passed with the advent of the internet, (which allegedly) is one reason why they want to control the internet.

So take the news with a thimble full of salt, because the truth is that most of the time, you need to be able to think for yourself.