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Stupid Debate Stupid Washington…

No one would enjoy being called stupid but that is what a lot of people feel about the way the debate was setup and handled yesterday, it was yellow Journalism at its worst.

The questions were at times, (STUPID)

This is something that is hard to understand.

The GOP decided that it would not stand for the way that many of the broadcast media have in the past asked stupid questions, yet Fox Did last night and that is a big problem one that could cost the network Millions of dollars in advertising fees as more people will begin to realize just how stupid it was.

2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 GOP 2016 presidential election 2016 vote them out Politics


When you think about the press you should be thinking about reality however there is a huge level of Non Trust between the public and the Media.

In short most people no longer trust the media or the press or the broadcast media specifically.

Yet, Tax dollars support some of these agencies.

It can be a serious conflict of interest to have a political agenda when delivering the news.

2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 GOP 2016 presidential election 2016 vote them out Politics

Oh, Georgie Porgy

Pudding Pie?   Georgie, boy,

George Stephanopoulos, the chief anchor of ABC News, apologized on Thursday for not telling viewers or his bosses about $75,000 in recent donations to the Clinton Foundation.

This is very interesting…

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hands up gesture?

Dont shoot?

Did it happen?

The truth is that we have scientific evidence that Michael Brown did not have his hands raised.

The evidence is in, the initial story that was spread that the subject had his hands raised and said don’t shoot, is not true.

Imagine how stupid people feel like those five NFL players that held their hands up just before a game…

How stupid are those guys?

Plenty, however you can look clearly at the autopsy diagram and it is plain that the victim’s hands could not have been raised.

Yet the media still play games with this and celebrities play games with the lies of the media, how stupid do you have to be to become a celebrity and then make an ass of yourself?


Democrats to Republicians

Spin Spin Spin, Deny, Delay, Defend…

Did the Democrats just come out and say to the American people that were sorry that you’re too stupid to understand what we want to do?

Even though there apparently are a lot of really stupid people out there and that millions of them actually took the time to vote yesterday, apparently in the mind of the sick and sycophants, were just too dumb to know what is best for America…

So it is now clear that the talking points for the demented democrats that are so so smart…

Is that the entire world is just not smart enough to understand what is going on in the real world.



Stupid People like this

Amazing stuff this is what a liberal idoit looks like.


Media no More?

Over the last few days, one of the most important news stories of the year was not covered by some of the largest media providers in the nation.

They made a choice not to provide that information to their viewers .

They decided that the advertisers that paid Millions of dollars to advertise on those news programs, were not important, they decided to create such a seriously ignorant and foolish method of covering the news that most people would not respect the source of that so called, “news” or the advertisers that foolishly choose to advertise on that news program.

Why is that?

That news story was about how violent Union members created a news story when they assaulted, a member of the press, now this news story was ignored by many members of the media.

 You might be thinking What? If this were about the Tea Party, the media would have been demanding that not only would the person be arrested but also hung by the neck until dead, how dare they assault a new reporter.

That would be what would happen if the media were about the news and not about a political party or propaganda.

The American Media are a joke, they are ignorant and they are so stupid that they cannot cover the news in a fair way, what is even more interesting is the fact that apparently the advertisers that spend millions of dollars advertising on these ignorant news programs are more stupid than the news providers.

When The Media refuse to cover the news because of political interests, that is a problem that cannot be fixed, it is the beginning of an illness and a mental disorder that will in the end create a disruption in what used to be called reporting the news but in the end will be a petty, childish and ignorant news reporting agency that does not report the news, which makes you wonder what they are doing if they are not reporting the news.

Sadly stupid people that think they can get away with not doing their jobs, that is what I find to be of interest, this is why people are gravitating toward the internet so they can get different news sources that are not dependent upon a certain view point.

It is amazing when you think about it, but on the internet you can actually get more than one point of view.

On the Internet you can get more of the truth than you can get watching the idiots on the networks, now why is that? Really think about that for a moment, when the new is no longer the news what do you have left?


Fox news Spin

Is fox new Fair and Balanced or are they just like all the other media companies that tend to spin spin spin, here is a prime example how allegedly stupid these Fox news people actually are.

Headline, New claims for unemployment benefits rose to 401,000 from 395,000 the week before.

Economists had been expecting a bigger jump to 410,000.

Ok, lets think about this for a moment, there are now over 400,000 more people who are now out of work, and perhaps they might not have food to eat, or a place to live in the near future.

And somehow that is what?  Good news, because they expected it to be worse?

You know what that is just plain insulting.

What is wrong with those alleged, idiots, what is wrong, with someone that intentionally tells what really could be a lie, the thing here is this, 400 thousand people that have no jobs, that is just not a good thing.




Does Time Magazine matter any more?

Un real is the only thing you can say about this kind of alleged stupidity.

You may have already seen the provocative Time Magazine cover that shows our beloved Constitution being shredded with the caption “Does It Still Matter?” Our question is:

"Does Time Magazine or any of the establishment media still matter?"

The establishment class in this country has bastardized the Constitution, using radical interpretation to circumvent the negative powers that impede their power.

Time magazine, Liars and Fools? or just plain stupid people you decide by not purchasing any of their products, they allegedly hate America and they allegedly hate you.

The free press has failed in their responsibility to be a critical check on the establishment; instead, they have championed a radical liberal agenda that centralizes power.

For years they got away with it because they had a monopoly on the flow of information, but advances in new media like talk radio and the internet have destroyed their monopoly and, when offered a choice, the consumer overwhelmingly rejects their blatant propaganda.

Amazing stuff, folks, what kind of ignorant people read this magazine anyway?

If this were back in 1950 the congress would have acted to disband this alleged anti American organization as a comunist entity, the thing is how much further can they go before they cross the line.

Now, we are taking our fight against liberal policy and the publications that push a liberal agenda to a whole new level! The Tea Party Cyber tour gives our members direct and exclusive access to conservative candidates, our upcoming groundbreaking Presidential Debate circumvents the old media kingmakers and puts you in control of the information that you demand of candidates.

All this is a part of our broader strategy to close the information and technology gap between liberals and conservatives. Regaining control of the instruments of information is not an option as we seek to restore our nation’s constitutional footing.

We cannot fail, but we cannot succeed without your continued support! Hosting a Presidential Debate, sponsoring townhalls with conservative leaders that utilize multiple mediums, recruiting tens of thousands of new patriots every week, and all of the other amazing tools and information that we offer free-of-charge has a cost.

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CNN Goofed it up?

Did CNN miss the boat?

Did they make a huge mistake?

Did they show just how allegedly ignorant they really are?

Is CNN stupid or is it just the people that work there?

Amazing stuff folks, you just cannot make this kind of thing up.