Does Time Magazine matter any more?

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Un real is the only thing you can say about this kind of alleged stupidity.

You may have already seen the provocative Time Magazine cover that shows our beloved Constitution being shredded with the caption “Does It Still Matter?” Our question is:

"Does Time Magazine or any of the establishment media still matter?"

The establishment class in this country has bastardized the Constitution, using radical interpretation to circumvent the negative powers that impede their power.

Time magazine, Liars and Fools? or just plain stupid people you decide by not purchasing any of their products, they allegedly hate America and they allegedly hate you.

The free press has failed in their responsibility to be a critical check on the establishment; instead, they have championed a radical liberal agenda that centralizes power.

For years they got away with it because they had a monopoly on the flow of information, but advances in new media like talk radio and the internet have destroyed their monopoly and, when offered a choice, the consumer overwhelmingly rejects their blatant propaganda.

Amazing stuff, folks, what kind of ignorant people read this magazine anyway?

If this were back in 1950 the congress would have acted to disband this alleged anti American organization as a comunist entity, the thing is how much further can they go before they cross the line.

Now, we are taking our fight against liberal policy and the publications that push a liberal agenda to a whole new level! The Tea Party Cyber tour gives our members direct and exclusive access to conservative candidates, our upcoming groundbreaking Presidential Debate circumvents the old media kingmakers and puts you in control of the information that you demand of candidates.

All this is a part of our broader strategy to close the information and technology gap between liberals and conservatives. Regaining control of the instruments of information is not an option as we seek to restore our nation’s constitutional footing.

We cannot fail, but we cannot succeed without your continued support! Hosting a Presidential Debate, sponsoring townhalls with conservative leaders that utilize multiple mediums, recruiting tens of thousands of new patriots every week, and all of the other amazing tools and information that we offer free-of-charge has a cost.

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