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  • Sheppard Smith Racist?

    Is sheppard smith a racist? In an interview on national TV, sheppard smith allegedly was rude and insensative, to a black man, but why did he act the way that he did was there some reason behind that behavior?  The story was about how invasive the department of family and children services, can be when […]

  • Shameful Bias reporting on shooting

    Senator, Lopez allegedly on the air mentioned the Tea Party, on the air and Shep Smith, did not challenge this, I feel ashamed of Fox news that this was allowed to happen on the air and Shep owes an apology to the Tea party, it is a shame when a man allows this to happen […]

  • historic blago speech

    It seems that some people were wrong, it seems that some people might not be compellingly right either. This notion of convicting a man in the media, is not really right but people like Shep Smith who made fun of just about anyone that he did not like personally or privately, and allegedly. Well remember […]

  • Former Gov Blago

    Now we all know that this guy has been through the ringer, and his life has been really radically changed, the guy has been called every name in the book, we wont repeat the book you have heard it from fox news and from every network, all making fun of him for doing what he […]