Shameful Bias reporting on shooting

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Senator, Lopez allegedly on the air mentioned the Tea Party, on the air and Shep Smith, did not challenge this, I feel ashamed of Fox news that this was allowed to happen on the air and Shep owes an apology to the Tea party, it is a shame when a man allows this to happen on the air, it is a sad thing when a reporter allows obviously flawed and biased remarks to go unchallenged, it send a message that Fox news is not capable of being fair and balanced.

It is because of this issue, that so many people routinely call on fox news to right the wrongs they allow on the air.

Shep you sir are an alleged disgrace to the profession.

The motivations of the shooter are not known, and probably will not be entirely known for some time yet, to allow a state senator of Arizona to use this issue as a partisan wedge for a political favor, is about the most sick thing I have seen on the air in a long long time.

So quick are these people to assign blame yet, in the fort hood shootings we were asked to not jump to any conclusion.

What does that say about our society, when we can convict a man because of the color of his skin, and say nothing when at ft hood kills so many good people, it is an amazing thing, to watch the media and how messed up they actually are.



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