Trump not serious

While it might seem like an interesting thing to the liberal media, Trump is not really a serious candidate for President.

While many people would like to see a popular candidate and it would be a good thing if there were such a candidate, like for real I would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger right now, but sadly he is not qualified.

The thing is that Trump may be a good speaker and a good businessman, who has made and will make a lot of money, the truth is he is not presidential and he cannot win an election, Now the question becomes is he like a Joe Biden, Perhaps, he could be a vice presidential run, along with a serious candidate.

Again though is he really serious?

When your going to try to run for office in this nation, where apparently we do not use the kind of language you see on showtime at 11PM at night…

When you are going to try to run for office you do not talk about non issues, (all though the media has made more of an issue of the birth certificate than other people have)

Why you ask?  Simple it is a distraction from the politics of the day, which mean that they (the liberal media think) that people will forget that they are paying almost $5 per gallon for Gas, and that people will forget that food is getting higher and higher, and people are getting skinny, (the liberals think it is good for your to be skinny)

They think that they know what is best for you.

But are they really right or are they wrong?

Do you think that you should have no free will?

Do you think that you should not be able to choose?

They think that a woman’s body equals a choice, but when it comes to all other things, then you have no choice?


The way that liberals think is a twisted and convoluted process willed with ignorance and superstition.

Is this the hope and change that you voted for?

Do you want for more years of this kind of hope and this kind of change?

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Washington wont honor budget deal?

Reports are coming in this morning that the Obama White house will not be honoring the Budget deal with congress.

Which some say is no surprise, however, it is concerning that when men come together and shake hands and write on paper what they will do then later they decide that they will not abide by those terms, what kind of message does that send to the world?

It is not something that is what we would expect from a Harvard Educated man.

In many ways, we have observed many of these types of small issues that are of concern to voting Americans.

What is happening in Washington is a serious problem for liberal democrats that are hoping to use the media to create enough votes to reelect their candidate the problem is that so many of these issues keep coming up.

Everyone knows that if they buy a car and do not honor the contract between the car dealership, that someone is going to come and take that car away from you, no doubt about it, yet for some reason some of the radical liberals in Washington think that they are somehow better than any one else in the US.



What happened to Fox and Friends?

So I am wondering just when Fox news is going to actually report the new that North Korea has fired Artillery rounds at south Korea.

I mean come on, how crazy is this, if you were watching Fox news, you might not know about world new that is happening in the rest of the world.

Folks, I have to ask this question because I used to watch Fox and friends all the time, but recently I stopped watching them because of a lack of hard news, because along with the hard news, there was some laughter and some other good stuff, but lately it seems to be all fun and games, and no hard news.

Case in point, Today, The leading news story is about North and South Korea.

North Korea Fires on South Korea, South Korea scrambles Jets in response.

While fox and friends is running commercials about credit cards and double miles, on purchases, there are serious things happening in the world, yet nothing is mentioned on Fox news, so perhaps Rockefeller is right perhaps fox new is not a new company and they are part of the problem instead of being a new company.

If you have been watching Fox and friends you don’t know about this news story and let me tell you that this is serious stuff, yet, not a peep on F and F, so one thing for sure, if your watching F and F at the end of the world you may not find out about serious concerns in the world.  Which is not bad if you want to have your head stuck in the sand when the world ends, but for me and mine, I want to see it coming…

That is disturbing and it sort of plays into the hands of the idea that Fox News is not a news company.


Gunman Killed in Shooting at Army Base

We may never know the true story on this, but one things seems clear, our border towns are not as safe as they once were and allegedly you can look to the liberals to place the blame.

We have serious problems that need to be handled, and this is one area that we could be doing a better job.

This just in there has been a serious problem develop at an Army base in Texas, where some say that the Gunman has been killed, no official word yet on who was involved and if it was related to any of the missing men from military compounds in the US.

Another hot spot in the border problem is Texas as it has a lot of unprotected border area.

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Nancy Pelosi Quit your Jobs

Will you vote Nancy out of office this November…

Nancy, Nancy, Oh Nancy, we all cringe, when she gets in front of a microphone… (allegedly)

Amazing stuff, you know what, vote this alleged, crazy person out of office, it is time.

Well Arlen Specter is now history, (we told you he would be gone soon) I would feel sorry for him, but you know that is what you can expect from a democrat, they tell you one thing then they stab you in the back, ask old arlen about what the democrats did to him, and he will be the first to tell you all about the promises they made but broke.

You First Nancy… Please Quit your job first, …

All jokes aside, Nancy has been a big deal in Washington and perhaps she has in fact done some good things, but it is now obvious that she may allegedly possibly be suffering from a neurological condition and that is serious, stress increases the damage that this condition does to the nervous system and that why you see the common and rapid blinking eyes, the furtive glances from side to side, they are all alleged, neurological symptoms.

But that is just alleged, opinion, it could be, ok, hmm, well just ask any police man you see what it might mean…

So Nancy P, says Quit your jobs, and the tax payers will pay for health care, well you know that may not be a bad idea, go ahead Nancy, You First…

Supreme Court Vote the idiots out vote them out

Virginia AG rules Police can do thier jobs.

Ok, so now you have it, the police are able to do their jobs, are you surprised, because if it were not true this country would degrade into evil and anarchy.

Which demands an explanation from the white house as to why they are engaging in this unreasonable activity trying to work against the American people, it is not only wrong but it allegedly could be even criminal, when a man Swears an oath of office and then later fails to complete the the oath they swore.

This is great new in the war on liberals, because it is not right what they have been trying to do and in fact allegedly it might even be treason?

Perhaps not that serious, but it really could be because it is really bad what has been going on.

In a Quote of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

“it is my opinion that Virginia law enforcement officers, including conservations officers may, like Arizona police officers, inquire into the immigration status of persons stopped or arrested,”

Yes, in fact, if you are a citizen you are asked for identification in the form of a drivers license and paperwork to prove you have insurance.

This is what anyone could and would expect.

It is really something to see that we have a white house that is willing to sacrifice the safety of Americans, that makes me want to puke.

When it comes time to vote then you have to make the right decision, vote them out.

Vote them out.

Vote them out.

Vote them out.

If you are sick and tired of all the lies, then vote them out.