On Feeding Alligators

 Update, folks, Finally it appears that the Politicians have heard
from the American People, its hard to believe and harder to imagine.

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Today I received an email with a very thoughtful examination of what is going on in the congress while we struggle to manage our finances our congress has no understanding of its own job. 

Winston Churchill once said,

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile,
         hoping it will eat him last.”


The Liberal Agenda

It is time for alleged liars such as Chuckie boy Schumer to retire and allow the future to take over, the future is not in the past and Mr. Schumer is from the Past we are seeing this happen all over the world it is time for a new way of doing business.

We the People will not stand for liars in office nor will we stand for those that promise hope and change then fail to deliver because they have no back bone nor will to achieve any personal goals in their lives, challenging times demand strong leaders.

Received in an Email

Last week, microphones caught left-wing Sen.
Chuck Schumer allegedly giving marching orders to other Senators on how to best attack fiscal conservatives. Since when did we decide to lie, cheat and steal our way into power?

Click to hear Brent call out the real extremists”,
and to take quick action with the MRC
to break the unholy alliance between
Obama and the liberal media.

Laying the groundwork to blame Conservatives for any impasse in the ongoing budget fight, Schumer said it was important to describe as “extremist” any proposed budget cuts and the fiscal conservatives pushing them.

Schumer’s underhanded tactics and bravado about defying the will of the voters are due in large part to his knowledge that the Obama-aligned media will protect him and his tax-and-spend liberal cronies.

Any doubt about the slavish relationship that the media have with Washington, DC leftists can be put to rest, as all three networks chose to ignore this major gaffe by a leading DC liberal.

Media Research Center Founder Brent Bozell discussed this during his appearance on Friday’s “Fox & Friends”. Click to watch the segment and to take action to break the “unholy” alliance that exists between President Obama and the liberal media.

+ + Budget Showdown Demands Your Attention!

Timothy, Schumer’s unwitting comments exposed the liberals’ budget strategy. This isn’t about deficits or the burdens that they place on our children and grandchildren. This is about power. Chuck Schumer and his friends in the liberal media would rather turn our country into an economic basketcase than allow conservatives to successfully cut spending.

Liberals like Schumer know the media are on their side.

They know that even when opposing baby steps towards fiscal sanity, their hatchet-men in the liberal media will defend them while rushing to blame Tea Party Conservatives for their “extremism.”

As liberty-loving Americans, we must be aware of what is taking place between the media and liberals in Congress and respond with solidarity and strength!

That’s why the MRC has marshaled its bias-fighting resources to expose, neutralize and break the Obama-media alliance. But, we need to quickly build a coalition of citizen activists who are willing to work with us to break this radical leftist scheme!

Go here now to watch Brent’s Fox News interview and to take action with the MRC by adding your name to our important petition demanding the media end their unhealthy and dangerous partnership with Obama and his leftist cohorts.

Click here to sign.

If you have already signed our petition, forward this message to 30-40 friends, urging them to read this important update and to take a moment to add their name to our fast-growing petition by clicking here now.

We must be ready to move very quickly in the days ahead, and want to maximize our grassroots impact on our country’s leftist media. Please take immediate action by signing our petition and alerting your friends.

Thank you in advance for your outstanding efforts.

David Martin

P.S. Our matching challenge is in full swing. Any support that you can provide at this crucial time will be doubled. Please stand with us against the left-wing media as we fight for a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren!



is chuck schumer a liar?

So what up Chuckie boy…

Ol, chucky boy, still at it again, will the guy never learn how to keep his allegedly large mouth shut?

Just have to ask because it is interesting, to watch the things that they say and to listen to the things that come out of their mouths, they are alleged lies, why is what they say and what they mean are so often two different things.

Two votes to save the economy were voted down today, by the democrats, guess what the democrats, said, it was someone Else’s fault, they blame the things they do allegedly on other people.

What amazes me is that they have the Gaul, to get in front of a camera and tell lies, to people, and what is even more amazing is that they think that we are so stupid that we cant figure out the lie.

They think that we are so dumb that we cant figure out that they are the ones that are blocking a vote.

It is them, yes, it is the Chuck, Schumer’s of this world that are alleged, liars, to me it is amazing, that they think so little of what they have been given that they would think that we are not as smart as they are, because we are as smart as they are, we are smart enough to figure out when we are being lied to.

It is really as easy as knowing that it is the democrats that have been in charge of the senate and the hour and the white house for the last two years, and it is the democrats that have been in charge of the senate and the house for the last six years.

Yes, you hear it correctly, the democrats have been in charge of the house and the senate for the last six years, and they think that we are so stupid that we cannot add four plus two and get six.

To me that is the most insulting thing, they say that republicans are at fault but they are the ones that are in charge.

What is even funnier, is that when the republicans take over the house in January, the democrats will still blame everything on the republicans.