Tea party mania?

The news is clear, the media does not like the tea party, in fact they hate it, why is that because the Tea party is made up of Americans, real people that work real jobs and have real families, that go to school and go to college and vote in elections.

They do not go to protests and bang on drums or chant violent slogans…

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Politicians in Washington don’t know what to do with themselves. They’ve never seen anything like the level of activism we’ve shown them in recent weeks! We’ve sent almost 900,000 letters to elected representatives in Washington on issues ranging from the debt ceiling to spending cuts to the postal reform act, and we’re going to keep turning up the pressure!

The challenges we face are tough, and it’s going to take a concerted effort to win the difficult policy battles ahead. But, as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in a speech at the Reagan Library Tuesday, these challenges give us a tremendous opportunity. “What we have before us is a golden opportunity afforded to few Americans,” Rubio said. “We have the opportunity within our lifetime to actually craft a proper role for government in our nation.”

One of the challenges we face is our deficit spending. Politicians in Washington have run up the credit card bill so high that it seems like we might never get out from underneath it! That’s why we’ve sent over 86,000 letters to Congress urging them to support Rep. Connie Mack’s (R-FL) “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.” This bill, H.R. 1848, will cut 1% of the federal budget each year for the next six years. By 2018, it will install a cap on federal spending, limiting it to just 18% of GDP. By 2019, the federal government will have a balanced budget and a spending cap. We will have cut up Washington’s credit card and forced them to live within their means!

We have an opportunity to bring America back to prosperity and economic recovery. When we flood Congress with letters, the politicians, who are used to ignoring the will of “We the People,” begin to wake up! You can help seize the opportunity to restore fiscal sanity in Washington by using our state-of-the-art petition system to contact your elected representatives and tell them to put America on the path to a balanced budget by supporting Connie Mack’s “One Percent Spending Reduction Act.”

We cover the costs of using the petition system, and a contribution is not required to participate, but your generous donations allow us to continue to offer this service free-of-charge to all Americans!
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Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

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youtube felony


Instead of attending college your child may soon be a criminal…

You might soon become a criminal if the Senate has

their way with this bill…

So what next? This is why we need to start over on Capitol hill, in the last election cycle a message was sent… They ignored it, They think that we don't matter because were so busy with our lives that we will not have time to even remember who has betrayed us in congress and the senate. Amazing but true, low life senators allegedly want to imprison your children… What would happen if they passed a law that would make it a crime to view, hear, see, material that was alleged to be a violation of someones copyright? What would happen, would we find that we have millions of people that were charged with a felony…

Senate bill 978? would make it a felony allegedly to embed a video on a website.

Do the idiots in the senate have nothing better to do than to plan the destruction of a company like google? This is perhaps the most ignorant thing I have seen in years.

According to Mark Masnick, if a website embeds a YouTube video that is determined to have infringed on copyright and more than 10 people view it on that website, the owner or others associated with the website could face up to five years in prison.     Amazing, folks we have millions who are unemployed, we have millions more that are in dire circumstances, with no job, no way to pay the rent, my friends, the people who are behind this bill must be recalled. This is just what we do not need out of our senate, vote them out of office, when they show just how stupid they really are it is time to put them out.

Vote no on

Senate bill 978?

This bill must be defeated, stop the insane foolishness of this type of stupidity, imagine if everyone were felons, who would work, because everyone knows if your a felon you cant get a job, so really is this the best type of law for this nation?

We do not need more people in office like this, what we need is real people that have real ideas to save our Nation.