James Rosen Was he targeted because he was Jewish ???

You might wonder about why the National Media have not speculated about the possibility that James Rosen may have become a target of someone in this administration, because of the possibility that he may be Jewish…

We looked around and did find some indication that he may in fact be Jewish, but we also found some indications that he is not.

Frequently online it can be difficult to tell what is true and what is false, that is one of the things that have long been a problem and frankly it is often touted as why the internet is not “real” news.

However recently with all the messed up news stories that have been published, on National Broadcast TV, you have to begin to wonder if this is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

We many never find out what was the reason why they choose Rosen, it may have had nothing to do with his possibly and allegedly being Jewish…

But it sort of does make you wonder…



Media influence

Is there an Anti Rick Perry Bias in the Media?

Can we continue to allow the media to influence the outcome of elections and call ourselves a democratic society?

   Seems like every single media news company has some bone to pick with Rick Perry, is that fair and balanced?

Media Bias, Media Influence, Media Corruption…

Is the media trying to influence the republican race for the GOP candidate?

The real question should be why is every single media outlet, including Fox news, so allegedly biased against Rick Perry?

Almost every single boggle head, on Fox news, is bashing Perry at every opportunity,

(What happened to fair and balanced coverage?)

Is the news media only interested in fair and balanced when they have not interest in the news story?

Just today Fox news aired a commercial designed to promote a news story about media bias?

In some ways this is really like the kettle calling the pot black because when you consider this issue you have to think about a news company says not what they claim they are saying.  When you see bias on the news and then you see a news story about bias on the news channel that is covering a news story about bias, wow is that confusing or what?

Is the media trying to influence the choice of candidates like they did in the last election where the GOP lost because the wrong man was running for president?  This worked effectively for the Biased news media because they were effectively able to choose the candidate they thought could not win.

This is a problem here in that this is a method of subversion.

This process is a way of unfairly influencing the outcome of what should be a democratic election but has become something else.

Should the news media be allowed to actively participate in the election process as a third party?

In a very real way this is a perversion of the election process, and it really should stop soon because this method of influencing the electorate is wrong.

Media bias is causing a lot of problems and until this process is rejected by the American people and by the Advertisers that support these bias news media companies, we will have a problem that cannot be solved easily.

Until the day that the media stops actively trying to interfere with the democratic process then we are doomed to repeat the failures of the past.


Aarp aclu acorn apology mistake

Joining the Tea Party

Millions of Americans are joining the tea party mostly because the liberal and biased media, including the Faux, Fair and Balanced network, They call us names.

We are the People, we are not names that you can call us.

We are People not names.

We are Educators, We are Construction workers, We are bridge builders, We are Engineers, We are the Retired, We are the disabled, We are the Workers,

We are the people, you can try like those that have come before you to label us
and to call us names, in hopes that we will cower in fear from your words.

You can call us names if you want, you can lie and call us names.

But that will not change the truth and the truth is that we are the people.

We will not be oppressed, we will not be repressed.

We are the people.

The next time you call someone a name do your self a favor, look in the mirror first because that is what you will see, people just like you, perhaps even someone in your family.

You will see we the people, because that is what we are, we are America, we are the people.

We are not your names, we are our own.

In recent new articles by the NY times, they called us names, they say we hijacked, they say we are extreme, but who are the real extremists, we say this is like the pot calling the kettle black.

If your a liberal and you work at the NY times, then by now you are saying that we are a racist because we used an old maxim about the pot calling the kettle black, you will yell that we must be racist because we used the word black?

Are you really that ignorant?

I sure hope not because if so then most of the liberals will be voted out of office in November, and if you have waited until this late date to start your campaign of lies, you have waited too late.

We are the people and we are not stupid.

We want to thank the media for calling us names like extreme, or activists or losers, or any other name you want to call us, because we have you to thank for our popularity.