Joining the Tea Party

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Millions of Americans are joining the tea party mostly because the liberal and biased media, including the Faux, Fair and Balanced network, They call us names.

We are the People, we are not names that you can call us.

We are People not names.

We are Educators, We are Construction workers, We are bridge builders, We are Engineers, We are the Retired, We are the disabled, We are the Workers,

We are the people, you can try like those that have come before you to label us
and to call us names, in hopes that we will cower in fear from your words.

You can call us names if you want, you can lie and call us names.

But that will not change the truth and the truth is that we are the people.

We will not be oppressed, we will not be repressed.

We are the people.

The next time you call someone a name do your self a favor, look in the mirror first because that is what you will see, people just like you, perhaps even someone in your family.

You will see we the people, because that is what we are, we are America, we are the people.

We are not your names, we are our own.

In recent new articles by the NY times, they called us names, they say we hijacked, they say we are extreme, but who are the real extremists, we say this is like the pot calling the kettle black.

If your a liberal and you work at the NY times, then by now you are saying that we are a racist because we used an old maxim about the pot calling the kettle black, you will yell that we must be racist because we used the word black?

Are you really that ignorant?

I sure hope not because if so then most of the liberals will be voted out of office in November, and if you have waited until this late date to start your campaign of lies, you have waited too late.

We are the people and we are not stupid.

We want to thank the media for calling us names like extreme, or activists or losers, or any other name you want to call us, because we have you to thank for our popularity.