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The Emperor has no clothes…

Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you were suddenly exposed for the person that you really are this has never been more clear than in the case of George Stephanopoulos.

It is really amazing you know to see how allegedly low the once vaunted occupation of being a journalist has now become.

The greatest of our historical reporters going all the way back to Ben Franklin is a history that is well known.

Now you know too just what the world of journalism has become.

Lies, Deception, Omission and an allergy to the truth at all costs.

I can remember watching Walter Cronkite just about every night after all it was just about all there was to do back then…

I can remember thinking that when Walter said it that meant it had to be true and most of the time it really was because he was a straight shooter, sure then was likely some slanting but it was nothing like it is today.

To Walter Cronkite perhaps one of the last great “real” journalists of our time and if things do not change soon, perhaps of all time.

Oh, yes I did…

So, I thought it would be good to hear from the great man himself, I am glad he did not have to see this version of the press because of its disease and its dark shadows that have nothing to do with the truth.

In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.

Walter Cronkite

Our job is only to hold up the mirror – to tell and show the public what has happened.

Walter Cronkite

Objective journalism and an opinion column are about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine.

Walter Cronkite

I particularly like that one mostly because it sheds light on the truth…

In this life we have small things that often create great happenings if only we knew which road to take at the right time.

The one thing that appears to be missing from this version of the press is humanity.

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The shell Game what it means to you.

Looking Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors.

For many years street hustlers have used a little known method of manipulation and slight of hand to visually distract the audience in such a way as to create an illusion that they can pick and choose what they see and believe.

The sad truth is that our Media have become much like these hucksters, they use psychological tricks to variate an old game that leaves the victim out of cash and wondering what happened.

The media is lying to you every day, but that sounds like the ravings of a crazy person right?  


megyn kelly Biased?

Is megyn kelly a biased bobble headed blond?

Now normally we like Megyn but today she came out with a hacket job on the girl that
trusted her to do an interview, that should have been free of bias.

However, it appears to be somewhat of a problem, because there was an omission of facts and even in some cases visual deception.  Now I worry about this kind of what they used to call Yellow Journalism.

I worry about it because it is not fair in its presentation to show a prescription bottle and then not disclaim that the image of the prescription and the dosage depicted may not have been accurate or even indicative of the dosage that this woman was taking.

This story was of course about the missing baby and the mother of that child, which has received national attention.  There was also a doctor that was present that made some inflammatory statements, that are not logical nor backed up by fact,

(should I call this doctor an alleged liar?)

I could, because he made some statements that allegedly were inconsistent, with the facts.

Now, the question now becomes did this doctor do this because a producer at fox news arranged for this doctor to present a certain viewpoint?  It is possible, considering how they
presented the news story in the first place.

The first thing that should be corrected about this news story is that Effexor is a brand name of a drug not a drug itself.  This should have been made abundantly clear and I am
frankly disappointment in Megyn Kelly for not being through on this front.

The drug is venlafaxine HCl This drug is in a class of many different brands of drugs, many of them have several different uses depending on what your doctor prescribes them for, in some cases, this drug can even be used to treat brain damage and head injuries.

 So the drug is an serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) class

It is not an evil drug, likely it has nothing to do with the story in this case, they have presented a situation by using a doctor to allegedly distort the true facts in this story to insinuate certain ideas into the minds of the public, I think this is a sad situation and should it prove that Megyn Kelly was being dishonest in the presentation of this news story I think she should apologize to this young woman.

It is a shame on Fox news and a shame on the profession of being a journalistic professional and I have lost all respect for Megyn Kelly because of this use of alleged Yellow Journalism.

There are millions of people taking this drug and it is unfair to characterize this drug in this way, using a news story to bend the facts to suit your alleged pre conceived assumptions is a sory scum bucket thing to do, you should be ashamed of your self Megyn this is unprofessional and soon if you dont watch what your doing you will be (allegedly) as bad as Jennine pirro, jumping into a news story with no facts at all.