Tag: Omission

  • The Emperor has no clothes…

    Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you were suddenly exposed for the person that you really are this has never been more clear than in the case of George¬†Stephanopoulos. It is really amazing you know to see how allegedly low the once vaunted occupation of being a journalist has now become. The greatest of […]

  • The shell Game what it means to you.

    Looking Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors. For many years street hustlers have used a little known method of manipulation and slight of hand to visually distract the audience in such a way as to create an illusion that they can pick and choose what they see and believe. The sad truth is that our Media […]

  • megyn kelly Biased?

    Is megyn kelly a biased bobble headed blond? Now normally we like Megyn but today she came out with a hacket job on the girl that trusted her to do an interview, that should have been free of bias. However, it appears to be somewhat of a problem, because there was an omission of facts […]