Sorry Ashley Judd

Well for a short time Ashley had an idea of becoming a political contender, but in reality I think she probably should stick to singing and acting, it pays better and you don’t have to get out of bed knowing you have lied to everyone about everything to get where you are at least as an actress she can say that she has not taken every thing and given nothing in return.

She is a very attractive girl but she would be like planting a delicate orchid, in the middle of the tar pits, what don’t like that one try this instead.


High prices

Just received this in an email, interesting fodder for the mill however, it is really interesting that there is so a difference in diesel prices, (which have a direct impact on food prices)

$1,000 per year.

That’s how much EXTRA you are coughing up as gas prices exceed $4 a gallon.

Do you believe President Obama is to blame for these prices?

Can he do more to lower them?, one of America’s leading online news services, is conducting an urgent national poll about rising gasoline prices and President Obama’s policies.

It’s crucial to make your voice heard, and Newsmax will ensure poll results are promptly sent to all major media outlets.

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While news max may be a good publisher the real problem in our dependence on oil as a fuel, allegedly is the auto makers, for years big oil and the auto industry, (now the unions too don’t forget that) are in charge of just about every large corporation and many levels of government from trash pickup to many other things.

This creates many issues for the modern politician.

So what do you do, this is one of the problem we have an we had better find a solution, because right now, we still have people out there driving V8 Gas Guzzlers, and they do not care, that they are both polluting and reducing the available supply of fuels.

It is a problem, but the very real facts remain, how can we depend less on fuels when we have a bureaucratic red tape machine that is fighting against itself every step of the way from permits, to inspections, and everything in between.

The truth is that what they are doing is not working.

The truth is that Diesel should be 20 percent less than gas not 30 percent more.

When you imbalance the system, in favor of the gas distribution system, you end up with trouble.


betrayed by the GOP?

Are we being betrayed by the GOP at large?

One day after millions of Americans lost money on the Stock Exchange, the republicans are rolling over like a puppy at the feet of evil men who wish to allegedly spend us into oblivion and into slavery?

Is this the one lone voice of reason?

source fox news.

Sen. Jim DeMint is threatening to block a vote in Congress on raising the U.S. debt ceiling unless he wins a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, according to Fox News.

Read more on DeMint Threatens Filibuster on Raising Debt Ceiling
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Can you imagine that you want to buy a new car, but you just dont make a whole lot of money and well sadly your credit is just not as good as you hoped it would be. You go down to the dealership and they say sorry guy but your just do not qualify now if you qualified for some of the special programs then perhaps we could help you out but well sorry, (have a nice day now)

The thing here is this, if the average American cannot buy a car or get a credit card, because well times they are tough, then why is Washington continuing down this path to financial destruction?

Why are they doing this?



This is just really mind boggling,

if it is true what is going on in Washington?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Received in an email.

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So, for every additional $1 you are making thanks to this “recovery,” you are actually spending $4.38 extra at the store and the gas pump.

I don’t call that a recovery.

Plus, we keep hearing of unemployment levels dropping. But that’s just because our “underemployment” levels are at a historic high. The underemployed are the faithful citizens who will take any job to pay the bills, even if it is only a few hours a week for a fraction of what they were once compensated.

I don’t call that a recovery either.

What Obama, Bernanke, and the Democrats don’t want to admit is that we have a 1970s-style crisis on our hands now.

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