Sorry Ashley Judd

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Well for a short time Ashley had an idea of becoming a political contender, but in reality I think she probably should stick to singing and acting, it pays better and you don’t have to get out of bed knowing you have lied to everyone about everything to get where you are at least as an actress she can say that she has not taken every thing and given nothing in return.

She is a very attractive girl but she would be like planting a delicate orchid, in the middle of the tar pits, what don’t like that one try this instead.

I mean the girl is beautiful but knowing what she stands for (which allegedly is left of someone where in Kansas)

You have to have a really good look at who this woman really is.

Democratic Party leaders are stepping back and taking a clear look at the candidate, and some say she may not be best to run against the five-term Kentucky senator in 2014, Newsmax reports.

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The truth may be that she should have probably made a new film as a way of better defining her career.
As it is now, I am no longer sure I would even watch a movie that she has made or acted in, is that wrong?

I don’t know but I know this sometimes if you like to do stupid things in your spare time it may be better to not let the world know everything about your private thoughts.