From Bad to worse…

When good men make bad mistakes, did blowing up levies protecting farm land cause more damage than allowing nature to take its course?

The flooding in the central US could have been allegedly made worse by the US Army Core of Engineers that allegedly attempted to save large cities by flooding farm lands, but could this have caused more damage than allowing nature to take its course?

My mother remembers the great floods of the 1930s when she walked across rail road tracks across high bridges, and the water was lapping just below her feed and the cross ties that spanned the bridge, it was a frightful memory for her however what many farmers of today are facing could be much worse because during the great floods of the 30s at least we still had people in Washington that were at least half way intelligent.

When you look at what is being done now you just have to scratch your head and wonder do these people even know what they are doing?




We the people

The Constitution is what made this nation great, not the unions, not special interests, not progressives.

Judges Act without the law or in the best interests of the American people.

This gentleman is perhaps one of the better speakers that I have seen in recent memory.

This is just common sense people are what we depend upon not the Government.

Memorial day

This is a day that is one of the most important days of the year, it is without doubt, this way because of the many

who have given all they had to defend our way of life, our freedom and yes even the freedom of our children from those
that would do us harm, men and women who gave their lives, so that we can have the freedom we enjoy…

Without them there would be no America…

So many have gone before us that we find ourselves standing on the shoulders of very tall men…

We find that we owe a debt to these men and women, Americans really and truly, all of them were that and so much more…

This year it seems even more so to me as my father who was a hero and still is in my heart, passed away just a short time ago it seems.

He served his country faithfully, in Vietnam, for two tours, it seemed much longer to me and my mother…

I must say that I am proud that my father served his country and on this day among the many that we all honor, I say that without men

like my father, and so many more, we would not have the freedom we have today…

If you like your freedom thank a veteran today, if you like the ability to voice your opinion today, thank a veteran, if you find that you are thankful for having a place to live and food to eat,

thank a veteran because without them, the

In memory of Senior Master Sargent, Euegene Franklin my father was and is a hero on this and every day…

We have so much to be thankful for in our freedoms and our America.