Democrats try to play mislead the nation?

So, were starting to see the Media play a game called split the Republican party, the thing is most people already know that the media are biased and for the most part just plain stupid. But usually you do not see people like Bill orielly try to play bully with the republican party, tonight he […]

What if, were all wrong and they are right?

 What would happen if everyone were wrong about what is happening in Washington DC? What would happen? There are a lot of things that might be happening that because of the nature of these serious issues that the public cannot be told… That seems fair right, sure. But what if they are right, what if […]

News you may never hear?

What is going on in the Popular or Unpopular News media should really be classified as subversive behavior even being a traitor, to the constitution and the People, yet the media with impunity publish or refuse to publish what they want, they do the people a great dis service. The media make a lot of […]

The world is on fire and you dont know it?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you ended up being the last one to know something had happened in the world that would change your life? What if there was a flood and no one bothered to report it? The idea that the media cannot be trusted to report the […]

Whites putting Blacks to death?

Is this really about to happen?   Are White people going to put a Black man to death? A lot of people are wondering just how in the world, that a White Governor and White people would even consider doing this thing because there are real credible doubts, and the man never confessed and has […]

Fox news Bias

Should we believe without question what the media publishes. So what next? As the 2012 Presidential Race starts to heat up we are seeing a lot of bias by the media… In the media coverage last night it appeared to some at least that allegedly Chris Wallace, might have had some kind of hidden agenda […]

Can Casey Anthony get a fair trial?

Guilty as charged, that is what we will see, and why is that you may ask? Why wait, for a verdict, everyone knows that she is guilty, right? Everyone knows it because the media has told us for days, that they "think" she is guilty. Simple, this case was tried in the court of public […]

Media makes fun of Christian Beliefs?

Why is it that the media feels like they can make fun of the religious beliefs of Millions of people all over the world? We do understand that the gentleman was an elderly man who likely was not able to accurately speak for himself however we know that this was true, did the media not […]