Media no More?

Over the last few days, one of the most important news stories of the year was not covered by some of the largest media providers in the nation.

They made a choice not to provide that information to their viewers .

They decided that the advertisers that paid Millions of dollars to advertise on those news programs, were not important, they decided to create such a seriously ignorant and foolish method of covering the news that most people would not respect the source of that so called, “news” or the advertisers that foolishly choose to advertise on that news program.

Why is that?

That news story was about how violent Union members created a news story when they assaulted, a member of the press, now this news story was ignored by many members of the media.

 You might be thinking What? If this were about the Tea Party, the media would have been demanding that not only would the person be arrested but also hung by the neck until dead, how dare they assault a new reporter.

That would be what would happen if the media were about the news and not about a political party or propaganda.

The American Media are a joke, they are ignorant and they are so stupid that they cannot cover the news in a fair way, what is even more interesting is the fact that apparently the advertisers that spend millions of dollars advertising on these ignorant news programs are more stupid than the news providers.

When The Media refuse to cover the news because of political interests, that is a problem that cannot be fixed, it is the beginning of an illness and a mental disorder that will in the end create a disruption in what used to be called reporting the news but in the end will be a petty, childish and ignorant news reporting agency that does not report the news, which makes you wonder what they are doing if they are not reporting the news.

Sadly stupid people that think they can get away with not doing their jobs, that is what I find to be of interest, this is why people are gravitating toward the internet so they can get different news sources that are not dependent upon a certain view point.

It is amazing when you think about it, but on the internet you can actually get more than one point of view.

On the Internet you can get more of the truth than you can get watching the idiots on the networks, now why is that? Really think about that for a moment, when the new is no longer the news what do you have left?


The truth about the Debates…

When you think about how the media have allegedly subverted the debate process and turned it into an entertainment show instead of what it should be.

What a Joke the Debates were this year, a series of shams perpetrated on people with weak minds.

But you know what is really wrong with that last statement?  It suggests that your stupid, too ignorant to figure out what to do with your life, so that is what the media really want to control everything about what you see, do, eat, think, feel, from what you do in the bedroom to everything in between.

Send a message to Washington this year, Vote, because it has never been more important, there has never been more at steak.

Just Vote.



RNC convention

Used to be that the news would be a thing that was centered on reporting, sadly that has changed.

Perhaps you heard some of the coverage by the slip stream media concerning the Republican National Convention Not really sure if they actually do cover the news much anymore but if they did they could not help but notice that there was no issue regarding bad weather.

This was perhaps not due to a lack of prayer by those producers in charge of covering said event.

You have to wonder about these people do they have small minds?

I think that must be accurate because there was this sort of ignorant buzz going on about how the Republicans might need to cancel the convention out of sympathy for the victims of the hurricane while there might be some victims the idea that only one political party needs to react in such a strange and unusual way would be just silly.

Yet, that is what they were discussing, one political commentator said that when the democrats suspend their campaigns and roll up their sleeves and get down to work with everyone else in the effected areas then perhaps the republicans might be expected to do the same thing.

It is laughable that the media has become such a joke that they think everyone has such a limited intelligence as they do.

It is sad and it is foolish but no one is being fooled.

Consider the statement made by the Mayor of the city in which the event took place, (the man is a democrat) this genius makes the statement that perhaps he needs to cancel the event all together.

(It was again humorous as the man lacked the power or the authority to do so)

Some day perhaps we will live in a nation where fair is fair, but until that time, we have to deal with intellectual giants such as these people, apparently there are literally wide open fields in the media and mayors.


Supreme court Abuse

We see abuse everywhere sometimes it is about the way you are treated by another person…

Sometimes it can be just about how someone talks to you…

But 9 individuals are about to decide if we are going to remain a free nation or a slave nation where we are dictated to from everything about the way we live our lives to the colors of the clothes we wear, it is all about to either become a joke of the world or we will find our way as we have in the past, but when 9 people rule the United states by proxy using an evil method of political correctness you have to say this is not right at all.

Abused by the Supreme court…

I know it is a topic that is hot everywhere online, Health care…

[kc_heading_pac_6_headline_sub_1 size=”35″ color=”#000000″ ]Health care Madness[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_sub_1]

How is it possible that the most powerful body of legal representatives in America could have become so corrupt that they no longer honor the oaths they took?

When they refuse to abide by the rule of law and the constitution, are they then just become political only and not ethical at all…

 You look at this kind of thing and you wonder what gives them the right to judge the world, on the basis of political considerations instead of the oath they took to uphold the Constitution?

Is it not time to do the right thing and abide by the law instead of making decision about important issues by applying what they think is fair, or what they think is right instead of what the Constitution…

Will the Congress fail to act in an election year?

We have to look at this situation, because so far the congress has not demonstrated the compunction to take any action at all so the Supreme court seems to be free to do what ever they want, but if you vote in November you can vote those ignorant and foolish idiots out of congress.

Imagine what this nation would be like if the Constitution were followed as the men and women of congress have sworn and have sworn to uphold the Constitution, it really is that simple.

Perhaps it is time to vote them all out of congress and find a group of people who can listen without having to replace the hearing aids in their ears…



The News story

Media Buffoons or is it Media Baboons

no offense to the primates at all honest.

The Media has become a joke, an active participant in the election process favorably covering only the liberal
viewpoint, and even now, we find that this news story has been missed by the liberal news media could it be
that they are allegedly biased? 

An archaeological team, digging in Washington, DC  has uncovered 10,000 year-old bones and fossil remains of what is believed to be    

the first politician.


liberal politics, liberal politicians, are liberals ruining America for our children
Could this allegedly be the first Liberal Senator?

stupid is as stupid does

Is congress really this ignorant? 

Ok, this is not a movie, but you just have to wonder about
how stupid can our congress be?

We have millions out of work…

Washington is a Joke. . .

We have Hippies, and Flower Power, and all kinds of insane stuff going, on all over the world and yet the most important thing to those jerks, in congress, is to try to find a way to black list the internet?

really this is what you think is the most important thing to do?

Get to work, and stop trying to

censor the Internet. . .


is Chris Wallace a Jerk?

You know you have to ask is Chris Wallace a Donkey?

Is he a liberal?

Is he a jerk?

Why is he even on the air? Is Chris Wallace a joke?


Debate Failure by Biased Media

The biased media failed in its moderation of the debate last night, they failed for a number of reasons, they failed because they tried to make it all about liberal (non issues) The double standards were just insulting to Americans intelligence, if that is what they wanted to do then I guess they succeeded but over all it was a joke of a television program that ended up making the republicans look better than the moderates, that tried to inject personal bias into the process.


Is weiner a liar?

The question that many people have is simply this, if weiner was man enough to allegedly send a picture of his, well, weiner, to a young woman, then why is he not man enough to admit that he did this and get on with his career, I mean the guy is allegedly a huge joke, around Washington, no one really takes this guy seriously right?

You see this guy and you almost feel sorry for him, but not quite, because he has a problem with shooting off his mouth in public, in fact he likes to yell and scream at other people.

So, when this scandal broke, we did not feel sorry for mr, weiner.

We felt like he should be as manly about how that picture got to that innocent girl, (allegedly innocent) as he is about his rants in congress when he uses up valuable time ranting and screaming at people that have actually served their nation.

He on the other hand has not really done much (that we can find) unless you count being some what unfaithful at least in his heart, to his wife, so in that measure, you really feel a little sorry for the guy but then you remember how he tends to shout and scream at people and you no longer feel sorry for him at all.

So what do you think about this guy?

Should he admit what he has done, every one knows that if your a democrat, or is that demoncrat, you never can tell these days, anyway, they have this thing that is a double standard.

If your a republican, the media, calls for investigations and the senator or congressman must step down and resign right away, even if they are not guilty. All it takes is that someone thinks they might be guilty.

If the media were fair about this then they would be asking and demanding that weiner resign.

Everything about this case suggests that this man is guilty.

Yet because he is a democrat, or demoncrat, he plans on walking for what he has done, you just have to wonder, if this is really what the democrats are all about, is this why we are in such a bad shape in this nation now?


cnn common sense constitution

could the polls be wrong?

We may not know for some time yet, but one thing for sure, I believe there will be a lot of surprised people soon.

Many people wonder about how polls are done, for the most part, it is about as scientific as counting how many people it takes to change a light bulb, wait thats a joke and for the most part so are many of these polls.

Most of the polls sample, a few people in random, but if you want to influence, the polls, and many people do then you just make phone calls in areas you know you will get the result you want to get.

Then there is the way you ask the question, you can say do you like ice cream and you will get a high percentage of yes answers.

or you could say do you like vegetable flavored ice cream and get a high percentage of no answers.

The problem is that the entire process is entirely subjective mostly because we are human.

Since we are human we are subject to making an error and in some cases down right evil behavior.

The main thing here is that liberals organizations tend to produce biased polls and far right zealots will likely produce their own biased polls, so how do you know the true will of the people, well that will come with time.

Time is required, because there are literally some people that will not decide until they enter the booth those people cannot be polled, Voting is a private thing, and for the most part, people will not tell you what they will vote for one way or the other and that is as it should be.

So take the polls and throw them out the window, they are worthless, what we are voting on today is to balance the insanity.

We are sending a message that you cannot ignore the will of the people and get away with it.

We do not want to hear a bunch of crying and gnashing of teeth, because you knew what was coming.

You knew what would happen if you did not, then you have no business being in charge.

It is for the people by the people.

If you got lost somewhere along the way thats your problem we are the people and we will not be lied to we will not be oppressed by lies.

Those of you that do get elected or reelected know that you are on probation.

Ignore us as your on risk and we mean that we will vote you out.

Understand that we will not be ignored.