could the polls be wrong?

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We may not know for some time yet, but one thing for sure, I believe there will be a lot of surprised people soon.

Many people wonder about how polls are done, for the most part, it is about as scientific as counting how many people it takes to change a light bulb, wait thats a joke and for the most part so are many of these polls.

Most of the polls sample, a few people in random, but if you want to influence, the polls, and many people do then you just make phone calls in areas you know you will get the result you want to get.

Then there is the way you ask the question, you can say do you like ice cream and you will get a high percentage of yes answers.

or you could say do you like vegetable flavored ice cream and get a high percentage of no answers.

The problem is that the entire process is entirely subjective mostly because we are human.

Since we are human we are subject to making an error and in some cases down right evil behavior.

The main thing here is that liberals organizations tend to produce biased polls and far right zealots will likely produce their own biased polls, so how do you know the true will of the people, well that will come with time.

Time is required, because there are literally some people that will not decide until they enter the booth those people cannot be polled, Voting is a private thing, and for the most part, people will not tell you what they will vote for one way or the other and that is as it should be.

So take the polls and throw them out the window, they are worthless, what we are voting on today is to balance the insanity.

We are sending a message that you cannot ignore the will of the people and get away with it.

We do not want to hear a bunch of crying and gnashing of teeth, because you knew what was coming.

You knew what would happen if you did not, then you have no business being in charge.

It is for the people by the people.

If you got lost somewhere along the way thats your problem we are the people and we will not be lied to we will not be oppressed by lies.

Those of you that do get elected or reelected know that you are on probation.

Ignore us as your on risk and we mean that we will vote you out.

Understand that we will not be ignored.



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