Tag: ignorance

  • HUD scams?

    So, you want to buy a house and you have a good credit score… The idea of homeownership has long been one that many americans have all but given up on. These days there are hundreds of thousands of homes on the market.   However there is a Catch 22 situation going on.  Most of these […]

  • Bad Reporting

    In this video below you will see two Grown (hopefully educated) reporters who engage in ignorance. Watch the video, (they call scabies a virus) its not a Virus at all. Its a Parasite.  

  • Crisis in the Mid East…

    Unless you have been watching the regular media and not Fox news and the internet, then you may not be aware of the serious issues that have affected the middle east and the military concentration of armies that are massing around this area. So, its been a year?  Do you wonder about the ability of […]

  • The Will of the People

    It means nothing apparently what the people say means nothing to those in power in washington. Take for example, the idea that there will now be priority speed for only those large business websites that can afford to pay for those services. FCC approves plan to consider paid priority on Internet What this means is […]

  • educate your kids…

    Yes, its amazing because when you fail to understand what you might loose by electing fools, then you may one day face the ignorance of your youth. You may think that this video is all about how uneducated people vote but it is more than that this is about the very real power that the […]

  • America votes in 2014

    Now is the time that America will stand or fall, will you sit on your couch and watch the election play out the way that the media would like? Or will you put an end to the stupid media and the ignorance they keep displaying?   Vote in 2014 because you may not have another […]

  • The Reset Button

    Politics in the media have reached an unbelievable level of ignorance, they are talking about Shutting it down… But what would happen if the media reported fairly? Would Hades freeze over, probably, but back to reality, what if this were just a reset. You have heard about the reset button. Sure and that would make […]

  • You cannot cure ignorance…

    This is an amazing thing that you see from ignorant people.  

  • harry reid once again tries to dismantle constitution?

    What is wrong with a man that cannot understand the words that were meant to protect the people from ignorance? You look at these things and you wonder how its possible that people like harry reid are in the Senate at all… Have a look at this video, you see this is not only about […]

  • Media fanning the flames of unrest?

    What is going on in the Media, if you look at the way they are using language and images you would think that they were intentionally hoping to corrupt communities into riots, violence, ignorance, but why would they hope to do that? You have to wonder when you see headlines like this. The truth about […]