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  • Health Care Reality

    The truth about health care is that it is becoming invisible… In many places it does not exist at all. You may be thinking that it is impossible because you see the signs for Hospital but in reality many of the providers that once were the stalwarts of the system have left and moved to […]

  • rick perry for president

    Can three term Governor Rick Perry win in an election? That may be difficult to answer without some explanation the answer might be yes, simply because the whitehouse is not doing what it could do to empower the American people with jobs, it is as simple as that.   We need a man that is […]

  • Union take over

    Update unions take a loss in its alleged contention that unions have rights protected under the constitution. The fact is that the Constitution does not in fact cover unions and they have no rights when it comes to states rights, the constitution is clear the state has the right and the duty to protect the […]