Health Care Reality

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The truth about health care is that it is becoming invisible…

In many places it does not exist at all.

You may be thinking that it is impossible because you see the signs for Hospital but in reality many of the providers that once were the stalwarts of the system have left and moved to a self payment system.

This has left a gap between quality service providers and the less knowledgeable staff that may or may not be capable of providing quality care.

Here is the deal, what is happening is that even if Obama Care actually did work, you would not see people with horrible medical issues did not work, how do we know that because we have done everything we know how to do to find a way to get health care but so far we have not found anyone that will actually provide that healthcare.

Does Affordable health care actually work at all?

We just cant see it work, you watch the video above and you think Cool, its working but is it really?

What if they were just lying to you the whole time.