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  • obama care too complicated for most people?

    So is the affordable care act too complicated for the average person to understand? I guess its possible but one thing seems interesting because so far the effects of a socialized medicine system seem to be less than what anyone ever hoped to see. On a recent trip to the emergency room I noticed a […]

  • slipped through the cracks

    Is it possible that the Gunman in the Colorado Massacre was not properly treated for a serious mental illness? In a news story out of Fox News Company the medical record of this doctor could be suspect in some serious ways. WAS Psychiatrist Lynne Fenton treating Colorado movie massacre suspect James Holmes.Did she make a […]

  • Separation of Church and State is a lie

    Could it be true that what some have believed for years is based on a lie? On 9/11 this year the (Mayor who is likely on his last term as Mayor) cited the separation of Church and state, as his reason for banning, Clergy and Prayer, from the 911 ceremonies, it is interesting, that we […]

  • The intent of the heart

    When you think about the dream that has sustained a nation for more than 200 years, you have to consider that men have fought and died, for that freedom… When you begin to imagine the future of America it is hard to think about what you see in the stock markets today as something that […]

  • US credit rating

    If someone were intentionally trying to destroy the credit rating of the US government, then would that not be an act of treason? Would it not be a severe issue that needed to be solved? The US credit rating could be downgraded on Monday or later in the week amid speculation that Washington does not […]

  • Did the Army Core of Engineers Play God?

    Will we find a way to survive after the mistakes of Washington in managing our natural resources? More alleged mistakes may create a “horror show” for food production in the US, this could be a disaster worse than any seen in more than 100 years, (allegedly)   Did this really happen, did they choose to […]

  • Wisconsin Assembly votes?

    Quick Quiz here, if you had a job and you took off and checked into a hotel like scared little children just because you did not agree with your peers on an issue what would you expect the end result to be? 1. You get Fired. 2. They cut off your company issued credit cards. […]