Tag: Dear Patriot

  • Fast and Furious an American Scandal

    You know in times past we did things as a nation that were not always the best thing to do, in retrospect we can see that sometimes ignorant things happen however also in the past those men who made those ignorant mistakes would resign or even perhaps end up being prosecuted. That has not happened […]

  • Is it too late?

    Would it have mattered if the Senate had passed, the right bill for the American people? Could the Senate pass Cut cap and balance and reverse this madness that we find ourselves in now?  Are we about to see history repeat and is this our Great Depression? This just in, received in an Email today, […]

  • economic diaster

    We could be about to face some serious problems, because we have no leadership and the liberal press, is not even reporting the real news, it is amazing to see these people in action, they really believe in what they think is the right thing to do here, sadly they are mistaken, miss informed and […]

  • Hope and Change?

    Just wondering is this the hope and the change that you voted for in 2008? It sort of seems lacking to me, I mean, what we heard, and what we god were two very different things. Change is something that we all want, which is why so many people voted for that hope and that […]

  • Media Bias

    The Media does not like the tea party, no surprise there as it has long been established that the media is not really that impartial in its reporting of the news, however it begs the question that should be something everyone is talking about, which is how can the media only present one side of […]

  • Obama to blame?

    Is President Obama to blame for the problems that we have, well according to this email he is, and they say that he has threatened to veto a bill that might put Americans back to work, but is that really true? It seems like we have a problem and that for some reason the liberals […]

  • Doctors as spies?

    This is disturbing information and it really tells the story about where the White house is headed in its push to propel America into a hope and change society where children are used as spies on their families, is this really what you wanted when you voted for change in America? Warning this is disturbing… […]

  • Debt crisis looms

    This was just received in an email it is amazing Washington is preparing to do next. Dear Patriot, Please find a special message from our paid sponsor, Independent Living. Sponsorships like this help us preserve liberty and freedom in the United States of America. We appreciate your support. Thank you, TheTeaParty.net Dear Fellow Taxpayer: Time […]

  • debt crisis

    Received this in an email it is something that is a serious issue and something that seems as if Washington just cannot figure out how to deal with it. When will we learn from history, back in the days of Jimmy Carter, disastrous, (allegedly) presidency there were many things that happened, but never like this, […]