Doctors as spies?

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This is disturbing information and it really tells the story about where the White house is headed in its push to propel America into a hope and change society where children are used as spies on their families, is this really what you wanted when you voted for change in America?

Warning this is disturbing…

Just received the following communication in an email,

Dear Patriot,

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed first in the nation legislation last week preventing doctors from asking and recording information regarding whether or not a family has a gun in their house. It may surprise many of you who do not have young children that pediatricians across America have included questions of gun ownership in their standard patient documentation for the last few years under the guise of protecting children from accidental death. It should be noted that these doctors do not ask about swimming pools, staircases, elevated decks or cleaning chemicals that each year kill far more children than do accidents with guns.

The Federal government has been pushing doctors toward electronic medical records for the last 10 years and under Obamacare, it will become mandatory for all medical records to be stored in central data repositories that will be accessible by the government. Using this data, the government will be able to more easily identify which households have guns and which do not. The Brady Center for Gun Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics (both politically liberal organizations) have filed suit in Federal court to block the new law.

We fully expect the Obama Administration and Attorney General Eric Holder will join in the lawsuit much the same way they did regarding Arizona’s illegal immigration laws to allow the continued collection of gun ownership information. What better way to find out who owns the millions of legal but unregistered firearms than hide behind the liberal standard of “we just want it for the children”.

We encourage the safe storage and handling of all firearms, especially in those homes with children. It is the responsibility of every gun owner to make sure that firearm accidents are prevented. The pediatricians could easily give parents a handout on gun safety around children. They could also include safety information on pools, hot tubs, chemicals and other injury hazards. Don’t be fooled for a second that these questions are about protecting children.

This is about data collection, period. Are you getting nervous yet?

Roger Stockton
Western Representation PAC