On Goverment Shut Down?

Will the government shut down as the politicians predict doom and gloom along with the apocalypse the collapse of the stock market and last but not least trying to blame it on one party or another.

Why the republicans will probably cave in and just do what is wanted…

The republicans are stupid, its fair and its true.

Why is that you say?

It is really very simple, the Media will blame the republicans no matter who in the end is responsible for a partial less than 30 day shutdown. So, if the republicans were actually smart they would come to the understanding that they are going to be blamed for what ever happens, if something bad (according to the media) happens the republicans will get blamed for it, IF, something good happens, the democrats will get the credit.

Why again?

The media is totally and completely biased and corrupt.

So, we have talking heads, that are forecasting gloom and doom, but they are liars, mostly because they want to pump it up to fit into their agenda. It is bull pucky and they know it is but they will continue to run the gambit of lies deciet and foolishness and once again?


Because they can get away with it, scare tactics that are baseless and arrogant ignorance. 

The media are really not very smart but the problem is that people still believe in what they say or at least the media hope that is the case if the media are wrong then this will backfire on the democrats and the media corrupt machine that lies to the American people every single day.

So who is smarter, the Media who lies to you every day, the democrats that lie to themselves and actually believe the bull pucky that comes out of their mouths or the republicans that fail to understand that because they will be blamed for what ever happens if its bad, then to be honest and truthful the republicans are the dumbest people on the face of the planet.

When you Enemy tells you that your making a mistake by trying to reset the government that is out of control and that you will take a hit politically if you do this, then why are you going to believe them, after all since when did a democrat care what happens to a republican anyway?

You see the truth is that most (allegedly) democrats cannot tell the truth if they were forced to do so they believe the bull crap that comes out of their mouths, so they are allegedly insane, so who cares, shut it down, reset the government.

If the media are saying that its the end of time, that horrible things will happen if it is truth that they are liars, then the opposite of what they say must be true.

If the media cannot tell the truth because they are mentally ill, then the truth must be that a reset of the government must be the only thing that will bring them to the understanding of the truth.

So lets see what happens, will re republicans (those that pretend to be but are not really republicans)


The collapse of American Values?

For many years we have been hearing about the decline of our society, if you are interested in history that is a pattern that is worthy of your interest.  We hear words like tolerance and phrases like “cant we all just get along” the reality is that for the most part No we cant all just get along.

There is one thing that we all have in common, it is a small thing really but we are all human, we may not speak the same language, we may not like the same foods, but we all laugh the same and we cry the same.

We experience life in the same ways, though for some of us in vastly different circumstances.

We try to do the best we can but sometimes we fall short.


The sky is falling, really?

Hey look out the sky is falling the sky is falling, oh my Lions Tigers and Bears, look out the sky is falling, oh really

This is not funny but you just have to laugh…

received in an Email…

‘The Unthinkable Is Finally
Becoming a Reality’

– The Wall Street Journal

Dear Concerned American,

According to The Wall Street Journal, we may very well be on the edge of a complete collapse of the U.S. debt market.

Of course, this has been an issue we’ve been warning Americans about for quite some time now.

In fact, that same Wall Street Journal article published just days ago had this shocking headline: “Companies Bracing for U.S. Default.”

Here’s what the opening paragraph stated:

“The unthinkable is finally becoming reality for U.S. companies, who are beginning to take real steps to prepare for the possibility of a U.S. debt default.”

Words like “unthinkable” and “default” are code words for economic calamity and massive layoffs.

And, that unfortunately fits into another startling future scenario that famed economist Robert Wiedemer has been warning about . . . a 50% unemployment rate starting as soon as 2012.

But that’s not all.

He also foresees a situation where the stock market could plummet 90%.

And that we could see three years in a row of 100% ANNUAL inflation.

Robert Wiedemer’s predictions may seem extreme at first glance, but then I saw the charts that provided evidence for such claims. See for Yourself, Click Here

Disbelief is the same reaction people had in 2006 when Wiedemer predicted the housing, stock, credit, and private debt markets would soon collapse . . .

After the recession struck . . . people stopped doubting his analysis.

This just in is the Sky Falling?

Then, when he foresaw the federal debt and dying-dollar crises in 2009 . . .

countless Americans took the necessary steps to prepare their wealth to weather the storm.

Recently, Newsmax gathered over one million Americans to join Robert Wiedemer online for a historic event called the Aftershock Survival Summit.

It was a powerful moment when citizens were given the real story on how dangerous the future could be.

But more importantly, Robert Wiedemer gave those who were fortunate enough to view this broadcast a step-by-step guide for protecting their investments, savings, insurance, homes, and jobs.

Russ from Wichita, Kan., said it “scared the hell out of me. It was a great wake-up call.”
Susan from Montgomery, Ala., said it was “awesome, eye-opening, and mind-boggling.”
Don E. from Edgewater, Fla., said, “It caused me not only to think . . . but to act.”
If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to view the Aftershock Survival Summit, you can click here to launch a 100% FREE private airing right now.

Stay Safe,

Aaron DeHoog
Financial Publisher
Newsmax Media