The collapse of American Values?

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For many years we have been hearing about the decline of our society, if you are interested in history that is a pattern that is worthy of your interest.  We hear words like tolerance and phrases like “cant we all just get along” the reality is that for the most part No we cant all just get along.

There is one thing that we all have in common, it is a small thing really but we are all human, we may not speak the same language, we may not like the same foods, but we all laugh the same and we cry the same.

We experience life in the same ways, though for some of us in vastly different circumstances.

We try to do the best we can but sometimes we fall short.

We think about the different things in life from our favorite foods to what used to be called entertainment but now is little more than trash displayed on a wide screen High Definition TV.

In an interview about the great depression (part one) with a dear soul who at the time was a touching 99 years old, we discussed the current way in which the world was back in the 1920s and how the same things that were happening back then are in fact happening again.

One the things that she described to me which haunts me even today was that we were in for a very bad time when it happens again, not if it happens she said, when it happens, it will be much worse this time.

I was curious about why she felt that way, then she began to describe how things were back then, families and neighbors helped each other, if one family had corn an0ther flour, yet another might have potatoes, we would gather together and we would bring what we had, then we would all eat. 

People did not go hungry where we lived.

The problem today is that people do not know each other, neighbors two doors down are strangers to us, it will be much worse because of this breakdown in how the family operates, there will be no trust and because of that instead of gathering together to share food, they will fight and they will do horrible things for a can of food that they would not have looked at more than once on the store shelves before.