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  • On Feeding Alligators

     Update, folks, Finally it appears that the Politicians have heard from the American People, its hard to believe and harder to imagine. [kc_heading_pac_17_headline_main_12 size=”40″ color=”#333333″ ]Sick of Political HACKS?..[/kc_heading_pac_17_headline_main_12]   Today I received an email with a very thoughtful examination of what is going on in the congress while we struggle to manage our finances our congress […]

  • the chartering class?

    So Chuckie how is that Pork working out for the Class, this is what is wrong With America. A few months ago we had Chuck Schumer, talking about how the American people really dont care about pork… Was this really true or was Chuck just being his usual sarcastic self, (allegedly) So, what is the […]

  • The Liberal Agenda

    It is time for alleged liars such as Chuckie boy Schumer to retire and allow the future to take over, the future is not in the past and Mr. Schumer is from the Past we are seeing this happen all over the world it is time for a new way of doing business. We the […]

  • is chuck schumer a liar?

    So what up Chuckie boy… Ol, chucky boy, still at it again, will the guy never learn how to keep his allegedly large mouth shut? Just have to ask because it is interesting, to watch the things that they say and to listen to the things that come out of their mouths, they are alleged […]