Religious intolerance

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This nation was founded on the ability of Americans to be free to practice the religion of their choice. 

Yet, we see so many examples of intolerance by people that are elected officials. 

Why is that?

Fired for your faith?
March 17, 2016 |   |  Share with Friends

“Notice of TERMINATION.” 

“You’re FIRED!” 

“You’re OUT!”

“Convey a penalty check to the bureau immediately.”

All of the above is what some Christians are already hearing from employers or government agencies.

Their livelihoods are being destroyed because they refuse to deny their faith on the job.

Will you stand for these heroes of faith? Will you help Family Research Council bring their stories to Congress, statehouses, and all America?

These include persecuted Americans like:

  • Aaron and Melissa Klein — A courageous Christian couple whose bakery closed after the state of Oregon fined them $135,000 because they politely declined to help celebrate a same-sex wedding ceremony. Will you help stand with the Kleins?
  • Kelvin Cochran — The former outstanding fire chief for the City of Atlanta, who was fired after writing a book on Christian discipleship that included a section supporting a biblical view of marriage and sexuality. Will you help standwith Chief Cochran?
  • Joe Kennedy — A high school football coach in Bremerton, Washington, who was fired by his school because of his personal, private prayers at midfield after games. Will you help stand with Joe Kennedy?
  • Dr. Eric Walsh — A top health administrator rudely fired in a voicemail by the State of Georgia after they learned he was a lay minister in his denomination and reviewed sermons where he defended the biblical view of marriage. The voicemail contained laughing, and Dr. Walsh heard the words, “You’re out!” Will you help stand with Dr. Walsh?

These are just a handful. They are men and women who have decided that the cost of compromise is worse than the cost of courage. 

They are “choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures” of the world (Hebrews 11:25-26).

Please support FRC to help stand against the bullies trying to silence our faith, destroy the family, and steal our freedom. Stand with the persecuted heroes of faith in America. Stand with FRC in Congress, the media, and the grassroots.

Right now “progressive” radicals like the ACLU are trying to stop laws that would help stop such persecution of Christians in the workplace.

And the bullies are trying to pass even more laws to encourage such intolerance against your faith, family, and your ability to make a living.

FRC will counter them with facts, research, and irrefutable logic defending religious freedom.

But to sustain this defense, we need your support.

A generous donor has given a $50,000 Grant that other donors have matched. I praise God for that blessing. Now I’m challenging you to DOUBLE the original match amount for a total of $100,000 raised beyond the Grant.

FRC stands for your values in the halls of power in Washington. But we do even more.

We are using our media clout to expose attempts to bully Christians so that other believers will be inspired to stand courageously . . . so that potential persecutors will back down and not violate the freedom of Christians to live out and express their faith . . . and so that Americans will “blow the whistle” on attempts to suppress religious freedom.

Please donate now and join with others to double the $50,000 Matching Grant.

Thank you for standing up with FRC as we serve those who are sacrificing so much for their faith.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins


the Myth of Seperation of Church and State

The American people have been lied to for many years…

No where in the Constitution does it allow Christians to be persecuted like they are these days.

No where in the Constitution does it allow Atheists to have a religion, (Atheism) protected by the Government, If a Cross represents and or depicts an establishment, of a religion then the lack of a Cross
at a Grave, deprives a Christian of the same.  

Can I saw that it is stupid to believe that Christianity was not already an established religion before the Constitution was written.   Yes, you hear correctly, Establish, means To set up, to create, to ensure or to otherwise generate and fabricate. 

How can you create what has already been created.  This nation was created, established as a nation of believers, who are free to pursue their own brand of beliefs including religion, this includes the lack of a religion which itself is a religion, and why not, who else would put such energy into fighting God but someone that was a believer in non-belief.  As such non-belief, or the pursuit of Atheism, must be a religion just as the worship of any person or non person would be respected as a religion.  Under the constitution they are free to believe or not to believe they are free to believe in any prophet, or personage they wish.

Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof…

One thing seems clear prohibiting, the free exercise of religion
is a violation and when you start to say that you can no longer
display a Christmas tree, in public, is that not prohibiting the free exercise of religion?

This idea that the separation of Church and State requires that the government must interfere with every single interpretation of any prayer, or any other liberty this is just insanity.


The plain language shows that the First Amendment restricts only Congress’ powers!

The People of the States are free to establish (or dis-establish) any religion they want – this is one of the powers retained by the States or the People!  Several States did retain their established religions after ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1789.  We saw that in 1807, Presbyterians in Chester, N.H. sold a Quaker’s cow for non-payment of the Minister’s Tax.  Not until the Toleration Act of 1819 did the Legislature of N.H. make it illegal for towns, as corporate bodies, to raise money for the support of the gospel. Connecticut did not dis-establish the Congregational Church until they adopted their Constitution of 1818 (see Article Seventh). Massachusetts did not dis-establish the Congregational Church until 1833.


bloobBerg Mosque

To the left of the end of the flat earth… The Earth is flat, right? You might wonder about that when you see the way the news is covered, so far off from what the reality actually is, you just have to wonder. Everyone can cover the Mosque in the news, but no one can cover, the other stories, in the news, where Christians are not be tolerated… I say that if they can build their Mosque here we should be able to build a church in the middle of their most populated city as well, or would that be considered, a problem? Think about that, they would never allow someone to build a momentous, building to a religion they hate. Yes, that is correct, they dont like our religion, so why are we so busy being tolerant… Think about it, If you take the spin away there is no Racism, there is no Tolerance issue, this is just wrong pure and simple. Somehow its ok to refuse a man the right to be a Christian in public, at high schools, so much so that many have decided to go to schools where people are permitted the freedom to pray if they wish. Yet, somehow were not tolerant, if we are against a Radical Muslim Mosque near Ground Zero.

You know what that is just Stupid.

Here is the question, the real one, if the situation were reversed, would they allow us to build in their country. That is all you have to ask, would it be ok, if the situation were the opposite of how it is now? Would they be tolerant? Or Would they say that we needed to be sensitive to the their views? Why is bloom berg, so hot on this could it be that allegedly money changed hands? Then you hear about good ol Nancy P talking about how the victims of 911 should be investigated. You have to ask again who are these people in Washington? What are they doing, under the guise of representing America, after they swore an Oath, and here is the most important thing, an Oath is an Oath, you cannot break it, because if you do then you are not only a traitor, you are also bound by your Oath. It is time to vote them out of office. It is time to vote them out… It is Time to vote them out, People like Bloomberg need to be voted out of office. This is why there are so many troubles, in our nation not because people have no common sense, but it is the small number people that represent only 12 percent of the country, they try to act like they are the only ones that count but that would be a false hood.

end of days

End of Days, Will Arnold care?

Remember the movie End of Days, a while back staring everyone favorite Governor or Governator, Well in a big news story that apparently an old and sadly senile 89 year old man, was touted by the media to be some sort of spokesman for all mankind, which proves only one thing.

The media is stupid.

And if you believe the nonsense that they are talking about online, then your in the same boat.

I find it more interesting that Arnold is not out of the spot light, and this elderly man who is far too old to be doing this kind of thing, I find it mildly offensive to listen to all the trash talking online in regard to haters, talking about hating Christians, the thing is here this one old man does not speak for anyone other than himself.

Even his neighbors, said the same thing and they have lived next door to him for 40 years.

So, if those that know this old man the best, say “bless his 89 year old heart” and mind probably, (allegedly) then why all the insane gossip on the networks,?  Want to know why?

Because they know they can get away with trashing Christians.

Why does the media talk trash about Christians and more importantly if every religion were to be examined in this way you are going to find some crack pots out there, but if this were about any other religion, would the media be talking about it?

Think about that for a moment…

Try doing this with other religions, and trash their beliefs and there would be demonstrations and threats every where and rightfully so, in fact when you see all this trash talking why is that?

I wish the media would get a life…


Aarp aclu acorn activist judge apology mistake arrogant america bad health care ban anti christians biased fox news Biased polls bill clinton for president bill oreilly bogus news bogus news coverage chase anti christmas?

The rapture

Well in case you have not been watching the news today and several hundred billboards and posters all over the place, then you know that a prediction made by a 89 year old elderly man who you could easily say allegedly was a little senile, but the real story here is not the end of days or the rapture, but it is how the media makes a big deal out of one elderly dementia patient, (allegedly) and then proceeds to generalize the statements and predictions made by this man as if all Christians were a part of this belief systems.

The Media are Liars right, sure and that is not allegedly that is a fact.

The problem here is the double standard here that exists in the media, if there were about some other religions beliefs then this story would not have even received a moments notice, and you have to ask why is that?

The answer is simple if someone made fun of other religions, it would be that they were not tolerant.

If someone made snide remarks about another religions common beliefs they would be seen as hate speech.

But when it comes to Christians, apparently it is ok to make fun of them and to make remarks, but in the end, not matter what you believe, know this, it is just one man, this man does not represent the Christian movement at all, yet the media has done nothing to separate that fact from all the fiction that has been spewed all over the TV and the Internet.

It really makes no sense at all that the media would participate in this kind of gross negligence, (allegedly)

Warning this video is disturbing and might be offensive to some people, view at your own risk.

911 Aarp aclu arlen spector arrogant america bad health care Barbara Wa Wa biased fox news

Arnold, and the end of days movie.

With the prediction of the end of days, being the result of an elderly man who allegedly is likely senile, much of the media is contending in ways that would seem to be hostile to all Christians, which is sort of disappointing.

Really I guess with everything that is going on in the world when you have a story about Arnold being the biggest story, you must be joking right, we have historic flooding that could be a 120 year flood and the big media news story is Arnold, really that is really funny, I could care less.

I like Arnold, and if anyone is really surprised that a man had a hard time being one of the most successful Actors of his generation, really that is just funny.

So what is next will we start taking about how Tiger Woods is the big news story of the day…

What next is the great news story going to be about bozo the clown?



chase bank

Chase Bank anti Christian?

It is the reason for the season, not the other way around it is a shameful thing that this bank has allegedly tried to be the number one scrooge, you have to ask, why?

For what reason because it is not what they allegedly are saying.

Is Chase bank against Christmas?

Are they Anti American?

Are they Evil people who support Evil things?

We have to ask because it just seems so crazy that a bank that depends on Millions of Christians and Millions of people who celebrate Christmas for its profit, for its deposits, that they would offend millions and millions and millions of people.

You have to wonder about these things, because 93 percent of all Americans, support Christmas, you heard it, Christmas, Americans support Christmas, so to chase bank, perhaps you should rethink your offensive anti christian hate policy, because that is what it is hate.

Did you know that you could be found guilty of a hate crime by removing that Christmas Tree.

Yes, a Hate crime.

Think about that you scrooges.