Religious intolerance

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This nation was founded on the ability of Americans to be free to practice the religion of their choice. 

Yet, we see so many examples of intolerance by people that are elected officials. 

Why is that?

Fired for your faith?
March 17, 2016 |   |  Share with Friends

“Notice of TERMINATION.” 

“You’re FIRED!” 

“You’re OUT!”

“Convey a penalty check to the bureau immediately.”

All of the above is what some Christians are already hearing from employers or government agencies.

Their livelihoods are being destroyed because they refuse to deny their faith on the job.

Will you stand for these heroes of faith? Will you help Family Research Council bring their stories to Congress, statehouses, and all America?

These include persecuted Americans like:

  • Aaron and Melissa Klein — A courageous Christian couple whose bakery closed after the state of Oregon fined them $135,000 because they politely declined to help celebrate a same-sex wedding ceremony. Will you help stand with the Kleins?
  • Kelvin Cochran — The former outstanding fire chief for the City of Atlanta, who was fired after writing a book on Christian discipleship that included a section supporting a biblical view of marriage and sexuality. Will you help standwith Chief Cochran?
  • Joe Kennedy — A high school football coach in Bremerton, Washington, who was fired by his school because of his personal, private prayers at midfield after games. Will you help stand with Joe Kennedy?
  • Dr. Eric Walsh — A top health administrator rudely fired in a voicemail by the State of Georgia after they learned he was a lay minister in his denomination and reviewed sermons where he defended the biblical view of marriage. The voicemail contained laughing, and Dr. Walsh heard the words, “You’re out!” Will you help stand with Dr. Walsh?

These are just a handful. They are men and women who have decided that the cost of compromise is worse than the cost of courage. 

They are “choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures” of the world (Hebrews 11:25-26).

Please support FRC to help stand against the bullies trying to silence our faith, destroy the family, and steal our freedom. Stand with the persecuted heroes of faith in America. Stand with FRC in Congress, the media, and the grassroots.

Right now “progressive” radicals like the ACLU are trying to stop laws that would help stop such persecution of Christians in the workplace.

And the bullies are trying to pass even more laws to encourage such intolerance against your faith, family, and your ability to make a living.

FRC will counter them with facts, research, and irrefutable logic defending religious freedom.

But to sustain this defense, we need your support.

A generous donor has given a $50,000 Grant that other donors have matched. I praise God for that blessing. Now I’m challenging you to DOUBLE the original match amount for a total of $100,000 raised beyond the Grant.

FRC stands for your values in the halls of power in Washington. But we do even more.

We are using our media clout to expose attempts to bully Christians so that other believers will be inspired to stand courageously . . . so that potential persecutors will back down and not violate the freedom of Christians to live out and express their faith . . . and so that Americans will “blow the whistle” on attempts to suppress religious freedom.

Please donate now and join with others to double the $50,000 Matching Grant.

Thank you for standing up with FRC as we serve those who are sacrificing so much for their faith.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins