Vote if you want to live in a Free America

Today is the Day to vote, if you have been living like its 1999 and you eat steak every day, then vote the way you want to vote, but if your car needs tires, you wish you could afford to buy a new car, your cell phone is old and out dated and your wearing old clothes because you cannot afford the high price of buying retail…

Then its time to vote because changing everything to avoid the truth is not what anyone voted for, we voted the last time for hope and change, but we only got lies and deceit.

We thought we were electing a man but what we got was a child.

Its time to vote, because you love your country and do not want to see it ruined by the 2 percent of us that wake up in the morning thinking that their neighbor has more than they deserve in life.

If you are sick and tired of eating tuna because your not making as much as you used to make, then its time to vote, perhaps you did not intend to vote today thinking that there will be enough people voting, (they will right) Do not count on that, they are busy visiting the grave yards all over America trying to find someone that is dead and they can get to vote.

We know the truth, They are cheaters, they attempt to vote more than once.

They do not think that the law applies to them because they are special, so they vote early and often, its funny but its not funny at all. If you value your America not their America, then its time to vote, take the time to vote, do what you can, because for every one of us there are ten of them that will cheat to try to nullify our votes, we need everyone to vote in this election because America depends on it.





Will you vote or will you do nothing…

There is a time when good men will stand up and vote, this year not only will much depend upon the voter but also the message that you want to send, you may not be a republican, but if you consider yourself an American there is only one choice.

You hear the chanting of the often crazy talk of those that would enslave you they want to scare you with talk of chaining you up.

But you know the truth, they say things like Romney will be the worst president, (but what proof do they have?)

When you do more than listen to what they are saying you have to come to the conclusion that what they are saying makes no sense at all.

I was in line behind a guy a while back and he said something that really made me wonder about him and what he was doing, he was talking on a cell phone and telling someone at the other end of that conversation that they had better be getting all this political money, that he was racking up thousands of dollars posting in online forums, and posting on blogs, this guy was about 400 lbs, and was cashing checks at a check casher.

This is the guy that sits in him mothers basement in his underwear arguing with people about stupid things and saying nasty things about good people.

This is the guy, that you hate, because he has sold his soul for money.

The truth here is clear if you love America you know who to vote for if you love a Europe style government, vote for the socialists.

The one big problem you need to consider is simply this during the second World War, had it not been for America, those people over there would have laid down and kissed the mans boots while he shoveled their children into the grave.

But America came and sacrificed greatly of its blood and its people and the steel of many ships.

So you can sit in your house and not vote or you can think that there will be plenty of other people out there to help represent you while you sit on your couch and do nothing…

Our fathers fathers and our fore fathers, sacrificed much for this great nation, can you not get off the couch and Vote.


Light Squared technology might cause issues?

A company called light squared that hopes to develop a nationwide Cell phone network might cause problems with GPS?

The real issue here, is not that the 4G cell phone signals might cause National Security issue, they seem to have forgotten the obvious 800 lb gorilla in the room, and that is if there is a weakness in the National Security involving GPS signals then should the real story not be that weakness and how to fix the problem?

There seems to be a typical political problem here, this story first came out when it was allegedly leaked that a high ranking official allegedly stated that someone attempted to get him to bias (allegedly) his testimony concerning technology that “might” cause some issues with our ability to defend our nation.

Now that would seem to be a huge issue but is it really that way or is it something that would need to be adjusted, after all if we are so technologically weak as to be worried about cell phones causing a problem with National Defense then should we not be finding a method of fixing that problem?

With the use of digital signals the probability that certain signals might cause issues is one that we need to be looking at hard.

If there is a problem we need to fix it and if this company is part of that problem then should they not be concerned enough that they make moves to alter their signal usage?

It only makes common sense that there should be a method of altering signals and that would only be common sense.

TSA jackass TSA jerks TSA thugs

Woman detained for documenting TSA abuse?

screaming OPT OUT, OPT OUT, OPT OUT,


Screaming and yelling, what good does that do, if someone were in fact in there to do damage they would act right away, which means that the person yelling and screaming, would likely be the victim I wonder if they fully understand that?

From a security standpoint, I can tell you they do not, in security, it is much easier to control a situation when the perpetrator, does not yet know your going to take them down.

What is going on, over at the TSA, is this a Police state?

I want to know where in the constitution the TSA has the authority to abuse the public in this way?

A Woman who recorded the incident on a cell phone was detained,

(might as well call it what it is, alleged arrest)

So now you cant document abuse using a cell phone because the TSA will detain you?

Excuse me but where in the constitution does it give them the right to do this?

Because I want to know?

I want to know where in the constitution the TSA have the Authority to Suppress freedom of speech?

I want to know where the ACLU is, on this issue and why have we not heard from them?

I want to know why we have not heard from other organizations?

Warning the video below contains adult language…