Light Squared technology might cause issues?

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A company called light squared that hopes to develop a nationwide Cell phone network might cause problems with GPS?

The real issue here, is not that the 4G cell phone signals might cause National Security issue, they seem to have forgotten the obvious 800 lb gorilla in the room, and that is if there is a weakness in the National Security involving GPS signals then should the real story not be that weakness and how to fix the problem?

There seems to be a typical political problem here, this story first came out when it was allegedly leaked that a high ranking official allegedly stated that someone attempted to get him to bias (allegedly) his testimony concerning technology that “might” cause some issues with our ability to defend our nation.

Now that would seem to be a huge issue but is it really that way or is it something that would need to be adjusted, after all if we are so technologically weak as to be worried about cell phones causing a problem with National Defense then should we not be finding a method of fixing that problem?

With the use of digital signals the probability that certain signals might cause issues is one that we need to be looking at hard.

If there is a problem we need to fix it and if this company is part of that problem then should they not be concerned enough that they make moves to alter their signal usage?

It only makes common sense that there should be a method of altering signals and that would only be common sense.