Business decisions struggling business owners

There are some serious decisions being made in this nation and for the most part a lot of people are not even aware that they are being made, it is not in Washington, that these most important decisions are being made at all.

That might shock some people to think that the most important decisions are not being made in DC but in fact more like downtown… Just about every where you go these days you can see for sale signs, for rent signs, for lease signs. You will see them for a long long time and the reason is very simple but hard for business owners to understand.


Democrats have no direction?

What is going on when in a debate the best that democrats can come up with is to laugh at the most important issues of this election.  

That is a huge problem, one that cannot be solved by laughter.

Joe Biden did not come prepared to debate he came to insult the American People, he came to laugh at the most important problems of our time, he came to silence and interrupt, he did not come to debate at all and the results show that what he did was not the American way at all.


Joe Biden yet another reason to vote Republican this November…

America watched in horror last night as one man interrupted the other some 92 times this is not debate.

It is sad and it is insulting to Americans all over the world who had to put up with a failing presidency and a failing vice presidency. 

You can make a difference, you can vote.

Vote in November it is the only thing that will make a difference, send a message to Washington we will not stand for behavior like Joe Biden showed last night it is a shame on American values.

We are not like them…

We are the people, we are America, we are the voters, we are the business owners, we are the plumbers, the electricians, the people that build the roads, we collect the truth and we are not about lies, its time to send a clear message to Washington, its time for real hope and change.



health care repeal

Will Repeal of the health care bill really help all the problems?

Many business owners are citing many issues with the new health care law that was passed without reading it.

There are burdens placed upon small business and large business, which could cause the business owners, in a difficult economy to make a choice between employees and staying in business.

There are some indications that allegedly, business owners, and large corporations would in fact layoff more employees if things remain the same.

The biggest problem here is that someone wrote this bill and no one read its contents?

If congress has the responsibility to legislate, which means, you have to ask the question here, who is making up these 2000 plus pages of bills if no one in congress is actually reading these bills, and they obviously are not writing them, (since anyone can figure out that if you write a thing you know what is in it right?)

If this is true and if you look at Nancy P, in this video you have to think that it must be true at least allegedly true.

This is what is wrong with the health care bill