High deductable health care

The truth about the insurance companies is that they want to collect your money but never pay out a dime…

That must be the truth because why else would someone making minimum wage be forced to buy an insurance policy that has a $10,000.00 deductible before the policy ever pays one dime.

What this means is that no one would ever get over the barrier of meeting the deductible.

Imagine if you were barely able to survive, in a world where the cost of groceries has doubled in the last 8 years you have to think that a person who has to choose to purchase food for their family and insurance, would make the logical choice.

People are upset because they are just now understanding that they will have to pay for something they will never get.

Perhaps given the benefit of the doubt we could say that the Affordable Care Act, was a step in the right direction but went horribly wrong because it does nothing to fix the problem.

However when you allow an insurance company to define the way that they can offer up an insurance contract then you have a situation where they will play every game they can to deny the insured the ability to obtain services for which they paid.

In a situation where you do not receive a benefit from a paid service how can you expect someone to continue to have the will to support such a scam as that?

The truth here is that in 2014 the true will of the voters will be counted and no amount of cheating will change that, no amount of the dead coming back to life will change the truth…





fox news bias

Fox news, Judge Jury Executioner,


Update did fox news, influence the trial by allegedly using negative descriptors and multiple "one way only" opinionated, bobble heads.  What could happen if Fox news continues its allegedly slanted coverage and harm comes to Casey Anthony as a direct result of Fox news allowing its bobble heads to continue to rip on this woman even though she was not convicted by a jury of her peers.

Even the somewhat less than fair and ballanced, Bill orielly openly stated that he was angry.

What would happen if someone with an unballanced mind, were to go out and take action based on Bill orielly and his statements of how Angry he is about the verdict, is that right?

Is that how Fair and Ballanced news coverage is created these days or is that a mistake by Bill?

We want to know because if in the great mind of Bill his opinion is the only one that matters why not just incite violence?

The reason why you dont do those things is that no one can be certain of the circumstances, and that may even as horrible as it might sound that might also include casey, what happened, may have been a very terrible accident, that was not handled, correctly, we may never know, but you know what is worse, that is when the so called fair and ballanced news coverage is allegedly anything but fair and ballanced.


More fox news Bias

today there was a lot of alleged bias that was presented by several bobble heads, including Phil Keating, and others, who shot off their mouths without the benefit of the intelligence that most people should have before making broad statements, in fact fox news producers played a question and answer session, between the judge and the defendant, that is normal in all such cases, yet, fox news producers failed to make that distinction when they played that tape.

Some viewers may have been misled by such playing of video without the benefit of explanation, this is not right and is biased in fact it might even open up Fox news to lawsuits should someone choose to do so, since opinion and misrepresentation, is not the same thing.

Is fox news real news or are they fake news with producers that may allegedly be intentionally misleading consumers of news?


Looking at the production process how hard is it to present two sides, after all as they say, "there are two sides to every story"

And somewhere between the two different sides of this story is likely the truth, knowing this and knowing the human condition how can any media company not present both sides of a case.


is there really any such thing as fair and balanced, news?

This is an interesting video but does not NBC and ABC and CBS and MSNBC do they not also represent a point of view?

When you consider it that way does not every news company represented a point of view as well?

Is any news company a real news company?


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Cry Baby Unions?

Sounds sort of funny, I mean, when you see members that are paid way more than others for the same positions yet they cry like little children over a few benefits that most of us will never even see, yes sure unions can be good but.

Are all unions like this?

The answer is No, most unions are for the people they are good folks, that cook out just like you do they go to work just like you do and they socialize just like you do, most of the unions are really not this bad, but there are some apparently that are giving a lot of other decent unions a bad name.

In Wisconsin the Unions allegedly took Millions of dollars in members Dues, and paid for lots of different types of alleged advertising for a liberal judge, (sort of like a semi legal from of buying off a judge) wait that just does not sound right, is it possible that this Rogue union has attempted to put in power a paid for judge, (allegedly)

Now is this wrong?  You know that is a really good thought…

When Union members pay dues, they expect that the leaders will use those dues to enhance the Union members lives, both at work and at home, they expect to see some benefit, this type of use of dues for political reasons I think should not be legal in Wisconsin.

Dues should go to benefit the membership and in fact is that not what the bylaws state?

There are a lot of questionable things going on in Wisconsin and it is time that Unions respected the rule of law just like everyone else does in these United States of America.  Just imagine how many “Union Families” could benefit by having a scholarship to help hard working Members families send their children to College…

Is that not what this money should be used for?  To benefit the membership as a whole or at least to benefit those that produce excellence in learning, something, even a cook out would be better than spending millions of a political race it just does not seem like the American way of life.

Is this Right and should this be happening?

The following news story may tell a tale that should cause many Americans to be very concerned about what is going on in Wisconsin, when a “Rogue” union, attempts to supplant the will of the people with its own agenda, When an alleged, lonely isolated, liberal Rogue union attempts to oppress the will of the voters and overturn a government is this not a matter for the Justice department?

You might wonder just what that man up there in Washington is really doing, Golf anyone, (allegedly nothing else is going on up there) The thing is this we have an organized labor union that is taking money from their members to attempt to force an election to turn out in their favor, this is not only wrong but it is illegal and should be stopped.

They may not realize it but it is time for some election reform in Wisconsin and guess who is in charge.

It is time to put things right in Wisconsin.




some pork has been yanked

Well in some good news, it appears, that some of the pork offered up allegedly by harry reid, amazing if you ask me, first that they attempted to do this, the thing that cost them so dearly in the mid term election.

It is amazing that they tried this stuff, Harry, what were you thinking?

It was so obvious, that this shove it down the throat of the people attitude that liberals showed in the 111th congress was universally unpopular.

When I look at the way things have gone over the last two years, it it amazing that we are not just completely bankrupt.

If and I say this will all the seriousness I can muster, if we could trust them to do the right thing, which sadly we have not been able to do this for about the last Oh, say 20 years.  But If, we could find a way to make 100 percent sure that the money that was taxed would go to pay off the debt owed, then I believe that many Americans would be willing to be taxed, because a benefit would be and could be seen.

The problem is that even when they say they are going to do the right thing, well allegedly they dont.

They have failed us.