some pork has been yanked

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Well in some good news, it appears, that some of the pork offered up allegedly by harry reid, amazing if you ask me, first that they attempted to do this, the thing that cost them so dearly in the mid term election.

It is amazing that they tried this stuff, Harry, what were you thinking?

It was so obvious, that this shove it down the throat of the people attitude that liberals showed in the 111th congress was universally unpopular.

When I look at the way things have gone over the last two years, it it amazing that we are not just completely bankrupt.

If and I say this will all the seriousness I can muster, if we could trust them to do the right thing, which sadly we have not been able to do this for about the last Oh, say 20 years.  But If, we could find a way to make 100 percent sure that the money that was taxed would go to pay off the debt owed, then I believe that many Americans would be willing to be taxed, because a benefit would be and could be seen.

The problem is that even when they say they are going to do the right thing, well allegedly they dont.

They have failed us.