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  • Gorsuch will bring back balance to supreme court

    SCOTUS news the Supreme Court Of The United States of America will soon be balanced once again after democrats attempted to allegedly and illegally overturn the government the people have fought back. Is it really possible that Democrats like “Chuckie Boy” Schumer, have allegedly become traitors to the Constitution of the United States of America? […]

  • The shame of being democrat

    The truth about what is taking place in Washington now is plain to see to all the millions of American Voters who supported the election of our president. Democrats should be ashamed of what they are doing. They continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. I say let them continue to make […]

  • Nov 4th Election

    This year we are going to witness the true nature of American Voters. Most of us believe that Voters will come to the polls to “communicate” with Washington… The media have been gearing up for a huge white wash campaign. We believe that voting is the only way that we can make an impact. The […]

  • Election Day

    The show down in Mississippi is about to get started its the Establishment of the GOP versus the People of the United States of America. Does that sound a bit strange to you? It should because it looks like the GOP is not representing the People. That is a huge problem and one that we […]

  • unions behind recall attempt?

    The past is something most people never thought they would be hoping to see again however with some of the things that we have seen over the last few months we have seen some of the most allegedly despicable behavior coming from labor unions and other unions or is that really true? Are all unions […]

  • People of California you dont matter?

    So the people of California have voted twice now, and twice we have one judge that has taken it upon themselves, to overturn the will of the people. NO one cares about millions of American Voters? This is Evil, it is the basis or a dictator, it is the most Machiavellian, despised juris prudence, I […]