unions behind recall attempt?

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The past is something most people never thought they would be hoping to see again however with some of the things that we have seen over the last few months we have seen some of the most allegedly despicable behavior coming from labor unions and other unions or is that really true?

Are all unions bad?

Do they need to be as powerful as they have become?

If this were 1950, would this not be considered sedition?

The American Voters, made a choice, but now it appears that allegedly the unions would seek to over turn the will of the people is this not evil?

Is this not unlawful?

Question, should unions allegedly be financing the attempted recall of elected officials?

Could this be viewed as a method of overthrowing a government?

Will the Liberals stand by as one group allegedly attempts to enslave 75 percent of a states population?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Is this what you wanted?

There are so many issues in todays world not the least of which is the massive disaster that has occurred in Japan with the death toll not even near complete, we see reports that allegedly unions are trying to subvert the will of the people of Wisconsin, this is disturbing, simply because no one elected a union to do anything.

The union allegedly represent about 25 percent of the population of the state of Wisconsin.

So why are they trying so hard to force their alleged will on the other 75 percent of the population?