People of California you dont matter?

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So the people of California have voted twice now, and twice we have one judge that has taken it upon themselves, to overturn the will of the people.

NO one cares about millions of American Voters?

This is Evil, it is the basis or a dictator, it is the most Machiavellian, despised juris prudence, I have ever seen in my life, what is wrong with a nation that allows one man to do this kind of thing.

So what happens next, what happens when someone decides to say that you no longer have the right to an opinion, what happens if someone decides that you no longer have the right to own a car.

I know it sounds crazy right, but how long, before they start burning books and preparing gas ovens.

When one man can decide his opinion is more valid than millions of Americans that is no longer a republic it is evil.

This judge is wrong, in every way you can imagine, wrong on the merits, wrong on the law, and wrong morally.

What is wrong with a man that makes his opinion worth more than the people.

That is what is wrong with a dictatorship and this is what that is, a dictator, one man making a decision that effects all of america and it is something that is not right, something that the people of california have twice voted on.

Now that is unconstitutional.



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