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  • Political disdain

    When you look at all the different news stories that are taking place in this 15 min news cycle you have to wonder what they are thinking the candidates that is because we know what the media are thinking. So what are the candidates thinking? When I look at the candidacy of Kacsich and Cruz […]

  • Why Polls mean nothing

    The truth about polls… Finding out what people feel and think is a difficult thing and for the most part its a hit and miss proposition, take for example the idea that the use of language in the design of the question can create a misleading result. Do you think that the United States is […]

  • Was shooter Muslim?

    In a horrible news story that is still allegedly being “Blacked Out” by news media it is becoming more likely that the shooter was allegedly a Muslim. Even now the media cannot seem to admit what appears to be bias and foolish narration. So what is going on in the press when they can quickly […]

  • The right thing for the people

    You may have heard the recent news that the speaker of the house announced an early retirement from congress leaving the position of speaker of the house open. Now this is a good thing but really why was this not done two years ago? When a man is not in alignment with the people and […]

  • Traitors in Congress?

    Is it even possible that we have traitors in congress? That is something no one would ever easily believe but what if it were possibly true? What then? America has been voting for a long time now and for some odd reason it appears that republicans just do not believe that they are going to […]

  • Carly for America?

    Breaking news, CNN may update the method by which they choose to decide the candidates who will be in the debate. Will CNN not do the right thing for the American People? Were curious because there are some serious problems with the freedom of the press…   In many ways this story is one that […]

  • Message from Washington

    Yesterday there was a message from Washington delivered to the American People… Did you get it? Just in case you may have missed it entirely, (its ok, were all busy)

  • Train Derailment blame game

    It is a horrible thing to think about but this is the world that some Americans live in. Blaming “Republicans” for a disaster is not news it is poison and there must be consequences when the news is not the news. The thing is a simple thing, when men seek to turn a tragic event […]

  • bowe bergdahl article 85

    There is justice at least there will be justice performed in the case of Bowe, Bergdahl who until now was under suspicion of having deserted his post. To most soldiers there is one thing that is worse than desertion and that is being a traitor to your oath to protect and defend the United States […]

  • closer to impeachment?

    Impeachment sounds like an extreme move and it is by any definition. However this could be something that might soon begin to present itself as the only solution for saving America. Many on the left would disagree and many on the right would agree. Discussing this is not a bad thing, however moving forward is […]