Olive Garden Treason?

Is Olive Garden a Treasonous, bunch of Lying Political correctness, activists?

Should we boycott Olive Garden?

If you are ashamed of the American Flag, (Get out) We do not need you here.

This is America, This is our flag….

 I am sick and tired of Anti American Political correctness, you know what if you don’t like the American flag, you dont belong here. GET OUT, we do not need you here.

 Would you support a business that is afraid to fly the American Flag outside their
Business?  Would you eat at a place where they would censor everything through a
political correctness filter?


Olive Garden Anti American Flag?

Would you support, a business that allegedly hated the American way of life?

Is it True, because I feel really bad if it is, Imagine for a moment you have a restaurant,
chain that is based in Orlando Fl.

Then imagine that for the most part its prime customer base allegedly is Older Americans, aged 40 to 60 among this group most of its members either have served in the Armed forces or have a family member that have served in the Armed forces.

Now imagine Spitting on your food and then saying hi, we respect you, really we do.

In fact we actually have our employees allegedly lie to your face from time to time.

Would you believe them?

If they said, we even give our employees, a miniature, version of the American flag, (allegedly so small that you can barely see it)

Would you still eat at that restaurant?

 The corporate nose pickers, (allegedly) claim that they are fine with the American flag, really they say that they are, but it is true?

While thinking about this terrible issue, (I am a regular customer of this location, in oxford Alabama)

I started thinking about long years ago when I used to work in Management, at then one of the largest Steak houses in the nation.

Every morning before we opened, I would remove the American Flag, from its location inside the restaurant, and attach it to the flag pole, I would then run it up to the top of that pole, in the morning light it looked like a great day every day.

That would what we did every single day, at the end of the day, we would lower the flag and fold it carefully never allowing it to touch the ground, and then that would be the end of the day, those were long days, and often it meant working 17 or more hours every day but those two parts of my day were always there, solid, American Values, and that was back in the 1980s.  It seems like a thousand years ago and yet I can still see the flag and how it would catch the wind in the morning light.

These days you would be hard pressed to find an American flag anywhere outside an official location run by the state or the federal Government.

I wonder if it is not time to start showing where our real allegiance stands?

The problem with this story about the Olive Garden and its alleged anti American business Stance, was that at least according to the corporate lap dogs for Olive Garden in Florida is that it was some kind of misunderstanding, yeah that must be it, just an accidental
thought that somehow it was wrong to allow the display of the American flag inside the restaurant. 

So if this is really true then they certainly would have no problem erecting a flag pole and a Flag outside this location right?

Sounds reasonable to me, in fact it seems like a great idea to show that a business is patriotic.

So I called the corporate offices for Olive Garden and suggested that this would be a great solution to the problem, and you know what, they said, “we have no problem with anyone that wants to bring a flag inside one of our restaurants”  Now, seems like they may in fact have an issue with the flag if they are not interested in displaying a flag outside the location in oxford Alabama.

I really want to understand what people find so offensive about our flag, because it is what makes America the land of the free and the home of the Brave…

It really amazes me when a business is somehow afraid to display the flag of its sovereign nation.

 Over the last 12 months I have eaten at Olive Garden, Longhorn and Red Lobster, 17 times, in fact I have spent a great deal of money taking my family and friends out to eat, at these locations, but you know what, I did not realize that I was dealing with a company and a business that (allegedly) does not respect the American Flag.

That ended as soon as I saw this news story and I called the Manager at this location and was told that no one was allowed to display a flag, so I guess that makes than an equal opportunity offender, (allegedly) You know what there are American Restaurants, out there that have no problem displaying the American flag outside their restaurants, and I will be eating at those locations in the future.

Mostly, I think that if you are ashamed of our flag, perhaps you should consider living somewhere else.

Perhaps you should consider visiting some of these other countries that don’t mind having you in their country but I will give you one bit of advice you should carefully consider before you disrespect any other nations flag, make sure you don’t mind spending time in jail.

In fact you might want to learn the language where ever you plan on going, because if you treat them like you treat us you will soon discover a violence that will shock you and will cause you a great deal of consternation.

If you need any help packing just let me know because I would be happy to take you to the air port on your way out of town, please turn in your Citizenship to this great nation because where your going you wont need it again.







Olive Garden Anti American?

So what is this America or is this some foreign Banana Republic?

So is olive garden anti American? That would seem to be a real concern, because we live in a free country simply because our fathers and our sons have given their service many their blood and their lives to defend the Flag.  This is a concern, and not just a mild concern, this is the reason that Olive garden even exists, because in a place where freedom no longer exists there is no place for olive garden.

As a past customer of this business I can say that I am disturbed, and yes more than concerned that we have a place in our community for those that would seek to take advantage of the freedom they owe to the men and women who serve this nation.

A concern, you bet you it is a concern and more than that I am sick and tired of fools that lie and are politically incorrect to the point of foolishness.

  Now is this the truth of is this a LIE?

“Like all Americans we have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the American flag and everything it symbolizes. In fact, we periodically provide American flag collar pins to our employees to wear while serving our guests.  We understand and appreciate the way some people have reacted to the situation in Oxford and we’re very sorry if this decision has caused them any concern. The Oxford Olive Garden does not have a private dining area. To be fair to everyone and avoid disrupting the dining experience for all other guests, they’re unable to accommodate flags or banners of any type in the dining room.”


If you have the utmost respect and admiration for the American flag then certainly you would have no problem displaying it.

“In fact, we periodically provide American flag collar pins to our employees to wear while serving our guests. “

Really you know this is perhaps one of the most insulting things I have ever heard someone say.



MSMBC What a Goof?

Imagine for a moment that some goof goes on national TV and attempts to bash a young attract female on the use of the American flag?

Amazing stuff folks, you just cannot make this stuff up, and more than that how close is this to using a broadcast license to allegedly lie and make allegations on TV for a political party?


Is that legal?

Can a broadcast network engage in political discourse to influence the outcome of a political race?

Amazing though when you consider the method of influence that large networks have over the American public you have to wonder why in this modern age  that we are living in that there is not a law that prevents networks from being biased and perhaps even lying in the course of some of the alleged Pretend news that they have these days.



AP liars?

So why do certain publishers seem to have an interest
in promoting a certain political view?

The media used to be our friends, we would watch them in the evening and just before the street lamps went off so did the TV, with the American Flag waving in the background…

Things have changed and they have not changed for the better.

In a recent publication that has been allegedly questioned by scientists many people are questioning the accuracy of published information that appears to be allegedly faulty.

What they say and what they do may be two very different things, when you lie to yourself are you not also lying to everyone else?

When you make up a story based on biased information how is that reporting?

It is an amazing thing with polls, when you call in certain areas you can be more certain of what answers you will get, for example when you call in a certain area of NewYork about a certain topic you can be sure that you will get certain answers.

In the scientific world they call that being dishonest and being a fool and a liar.
No one is fooled…